How to choose aluminum garage doors and windows?

Below, ShunCHI will introduce to you the advantages of aluminum garage doors and windows and how to choose aluminum garage doors and windows.

Aluminum garage doors and windows stand out among many door and window materials for their good decorative effect and excellent performance, and are widely used in modern homes. Below, ShunCHI will introduce the advantages of aluminum garage doors and windows and how to choose aluminum garage doors and windows.

Four advantages of aluminum garage doors and windows

1. Light weight and high strength

Aluminum alloy materials are mostly made of hollow thin-walled composite sections, which are light in weight and only one-third of the density of steel.

2. Good sealing

The airtightness directly affects the function and energy consumption of aluminum garage doors and windows. Usually sealing refers to four aspects: air tightness, water tightness, heat insulation and sound insulation.

3. Beautiful shape and good decorative effect

Because the surface of the aluminum alloy is anodized, it can show a variety of colors, such as ancient lead steel copper, golden yellow and silver white. The surface of doors and windows has artificial oxide film, and it is colored to form a composite film layer, which has a particularly high gloss and aesthetics. The frame of the window sash can be made larger and inlaid with a larger area of glass, so that the indoor light is abundant and the home is more layered.

4. Good performance and long service life

Aluminum garage doors and windows have strong corrosion resistance, and the oxide layer is not easy to fade, does not fall off, does not require painting, and is easy to maintain. The door and window control system has a long service life.

Aluminum garage doors and windows

How to choose Aluminum Garage Doors and Windows

1. Look at the performance

This part mainly depends on the heat transfer coefficient, sound insulation performance and watertightness and airtightness. When purchasing this information, you can ask the merchant to provide relevant test reports.

2. Look at the material

There are two tips to test whether the material can meet the national standard. Touch the frame, panel and corner of the aluminum garage doors and windows with your hand, it should be soft and delicate without scratching, and then stand on the side of the door to see if the paint on the surface of the door has bumps and waves.

3. Look at accessories and craftsmanship

The equipped glass needs to have the national 3C certification, and hardware is a key factor affecting the performance of aluminum garage doors and windows. Pay attention to flexibility when choosing. Then it depends on whether the splicing, gluing and assembly process of aluminum garage doors and windows are good.

4. Look at the door and window rubber strips

An experiment can identify the quality of the adhesive strip. Use a lighter to ignite the adhesive strip and then extinguish it. Pinch the burning part with your hand. If it appears powdery, the adhesive strip is good. If it feels sticky, it is an unqualified adhesive strip.

5. Look at installation and after-sales

Learn more about the installation of the product and the quality of after-sales service, so as to ensure that you can choose the right aluminum garage doors and windows without worries.

Aluminum garage doors and windows

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