Modern Garage Door Hardware Installation Guide

The installation of modern garage door hardware installation is very important, let's take a look at the modern garage door hardware installation guide.

The installation of modern garage door hardware installation is very important, let's take a look at the modern garage door hardware installation guide.

Installation Considerations for Modern Garage Door Panels

Put the bottom weather strip on the bottom of the bottom door panel, and fix it to the door panel from the back with M4×16mm or M6.4×16mm self-tapping screws. Place the bottom wheel brackets on both sides of the door panel near the bottom seal, and place the 1# hinges on the top of the door panel at the left, middle, and right three positions (the width is less than 10 feet, and the middle position is one; the width is 10 feet). feet to 14 feet, the middle position is two; the width is 15 feet to 18 feet, the middle position is three), and they are fixed with M6.4×16mm self-tapping screws. Then coat the roller with glycerin and thread it into the bottom wheel bracket and 1# fold, put the door panel on the erected track and make it level. Fix the 2# fold, 3# fold, (4# fold), and the top wheel bracket to the left and right positions of the top of each door panel in sequence, and use the 1# fold to connect the middle of each door panel. Put the door panels into the established track in order, and use M6.4×16mm self-tapping screws to connect the hinges and the door panels to combine the door panels into one.

Safety Awareness of Garage Door Torsion Springs

Put one end of the wire rope loop on the hook shaft of the bottom wheel bracket. Apply tension to the torsion spring according to the specified tension table, not more than or less than half a circle of the specified number of turns, pin the steel rod, hang the other end of the wire rope on the reel, tighten the wire rope, lock the reel, and then Lock the locking flange and remove the pinned steel rod. This process is extremely dangerous, and you must pay attention to safety, not only to protect yourself, but also to avoid hurting others.

Modern Garage Door Hardware

Adjust and Tighten All Screws

Lift the door several times by hand to observe whether the door is running smoothly and whether the force of the torsion spring is appropriate, then make specific adjustments and tighten the screws of each connecting part.

Connection of Garage Door Chain Hoist to Motor

Connect and secure the chain box to the motor. Attach the U-shaped bracket at the front of the chain box to the wooden board above the center bracket of the torsion spring and center it to connect the chain box. Make a "∏" bracket with eye-angle steel, connect the lower end to the motor with M8, and use two M8×70mm expansion bolts to fix the upper end to the ceiling. Use M6.4×16mm self-tapping screws to fix the hook seat to the middle position on the top of the top door panel, and connect the hook. Connect the power supply, observe the operation of the motor, and adjust the up and down stroke.

Modern Garage Door Hardware

Installation Considerations for Modern Garage Door Handles

The handle should be installed on the bottom door panel, centered left and right, with the horizontal center line aligned with the lower edge line of the square.

Installation Considerations for Modern Garage Door Locks

The keyhole should be opened at the center of the third door panel from the bottom to the top with a special hole opener. When installing, the lock slot should always be downward, and the back cap should be tightened.

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