What Are Anonymous Proxy Servers?

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What Are Anonymous Proxy Servers?

What Are Anonymous Proxy Servers?
Typically, anonymous proxy servers are divided into three levels of privacy:To get more news about residential socks5 proxies, you can visit ip2world.com official website.

High Anonymity Proxy Server (Level 1)
These are proxy servers that anonymize your originating IP address and don't identify themselves to web domains as proxies. They also regularly cycle through refreshed IP blocks, making it difficult for third-party auditors to identify an anonymized IP as associated with a particular proxy service.

Anonymous Proxy Server (Level 2)
These proxy services change your destination IP address to that of the proxy server but will also identify themselves as proxies to the web domain. These are the most common types of proxy servers on the web today.

Transparent Proxy Server (Level 3)
As the name suggests, transparent proxy servers don't anonymize the originating IP address of a user and will show exactly where a traffic request is coming from. Companies and organizations often use these, typically for content moderation and monitoring of users connected to given networks. Think public libraries, schools, and IT departments within larger corporations that want to ensure their networks aren't being used for viewing adult content, downloading particular files, or other objectionable purposes.