Development of HDPE electrofusion pipe fittings and electrofusion equipment

Next, DSL will talk about the development of electrofusion welding technology in electrofusion pipe fittings and electrofusion equipment in recent years.

At present, with the wide application of plastic pressure pipes, especially the application of high-density polyethylene pipes in the fields of gas and water supply and drainage, the electrofusion welding process has also been rapidly developed and widely used, mainly reflected in HDPE electrofusion pipe fittings and electrofusion equipment. Next, DSL will talk about the development of electrofusion welding technology in HDPE electrofusion pipe fittings and electrofusion equipment in recent years.

Development of HDPE electrofusion pipe fittings

(1) The material of HDPE electrofusion pipe fittings closely follows the development of pipe material. Internationally, many manufacturers of home appliance melting pipe fittings have developed and produced electrofusion pipe fittings made of PE100 material.

(2) The structure of HDPE electrofusion pipe fittings has been continuously improved. In 1997, Georg Fisher Company of Switzerland launched a modularly designed electrofusion saddle fitting and transition fitting system. The system consists of some basic elements combined into the required fittings in the workshop and construction site, which can reduce inventory and facilitate use.

(3) The automatic identification system of HDPE electrofusion pipe fittings has been standardized. There are three types of identification systems: digital identification system, electromechanical identification system and self-adjusting system.

At present, most HDPE electrofusion pipe fittings use a digital identification system. Welding parameters and other information are recorded in the form of codes on data carriers such as barcodes and magnetic cards. The welding controller automatically controls welding after reading the parameters from the above-mentioned carriers. At present, it generally conforms to the 24-digit barcode of ISO13950-1997, and the barcode contains the code of the electrofusion pipe, the pipe diameter and the welding parameters at 20 °C, etc.).

HDPE electrofusion pipe fittings

The main feature of the electromechanical identification system is to convert the measured value of the identification resistance set on the electrofusion pipe into welding time. In addition, there are functions such as pipe fitting identification. This system requires the terminal end of the electrofusion fitting to have a special structure. The electrofusion pipe fittings produced by FUSION Company in the United Kingdom are additional identification resistors on the terminal head).

The self-adjusting system uses the characteristics of the volume expansion of the polyethylene material around the resistance wire at the interface between the pipe and the pipe fittings to convert from solid to liquid during welding, which automatically cuts off the power supply. This adjustment method takes into account the influence of factors such as the assembly deviation of pipes and pipe fittings, ambient temperature, the output voltage of the controller and the resistance of the resistance wire of the pipe fittings on the welding.

(4) In recent years, the most important progress in the forming technology of HDPE electrofusion pipe fittings is the automation of forming technology. The Finnish Tooler company has launched the Efimatic L163 automatic manufacturing system for electrofusion pipe fittings, with a maximum production capacity of 1000 pieces/h, and ensures the manufacturing accuracy of electrofusion pipe fittings.

Development of Electrofusion Equipment

Electrofusion equipment has achieved multi-functionality, which can control welding quality on site and ensure the traceability of equipment and installation.

Electrofusion Equipment

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