"Wig Fever" Has Given Rise To High-Quality Antimi Hair Products

"Wig Fever" Has Given Rise To High-Quality Antimi Hair Products

In the era of masks added, the Antimi hair products industry has shown a sudden and steep growth trend.

In the era of masks added, the Antimi hair products industry has shown a sudden and steep growth trend. Antimi hair products' outward beauty has gained attention, and the Antimi hair products industry has grown rapidly in recent years, becoming a new fashion trend in addition to beauty. On the other hand, "hair loss among young people" has become a hot topic of discussion, making Antimi hair products one of the immediate consumption needs.

The Trend Of Antimi Hair Products

In recent years, China's hair loss population has skyrocketed. According to the Workers' Daily, more than 250 million people are suffering from hair loss, with an average of 1 in 6 people losing their hair. 69.8% of the total number of people under 30 years old, 20 years earlier than the age of hair loss of the previous generation, and the hair loss group shows a clear trend of youthfulness. For consumers with hair loss problems, replacing irreversible means such as hair dye and hair transplant with Antimi hair products to avoid sudden embarrassment reduces the crisis and risk both economically and in terms of health and safety, and adds more possibilities for fashion.

Based on this background, Antimi hair products "face value consumption" is showing an upward trend. CCTV Finance reported that China's Antimi hair products market is booming, has maintained a growth rate of more than 20% for six consecutive years, and the market size is expected to reach 14.43 billion yuan in 2023. Tmall e-commerce platform data shows that China's post-90s and post-00s women have become the main force of Antimi hair products consumption.

Not only due to the reason that there are more and more bald boys and girls but mainly because young women's aesthetics become more and more diversified and open to see Antimi hair products as hair beauty products.

Antimi Hair Products Companies Various Exploration

On the product side, Antimi hair products companies have begun the road of exploration in the combination of emotion, fashion, and scene.

For Antimi hair products companies, grasp to understand the specific purchase motives of consumer groups, to meet the needs of consumers in various daily life scenarios with Antimi hair products to truly impress consumers.

Xuchang Longguan said bluntly, personalized traits are the Antimi hair products companies to fully explore a broader, more labeled vault. Personality and emotion are integrated into the stylization and temperature of wig products, through the selection and creation of personal labels, so that consumers have a more pleasant and confident experience feeling.

For Antimi hair products-demanding consumers, the booming Chinese Antimi hair products industry and market challenges will further stimulate a boom in high-quality Antimi hair products in the market, as well as more chasing opportunities for beauty.


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