Garage door accessories installation knowledge introduction

The choice of garage door and garage door accessories is particularly important. Let's take a look at the installation knowledge of garage door accessories.

Our country's consumption level is getting higher and higher. Having a house and a car is nothing new in the current society. If there is a car, there will definitely be a garage. Then the choice of garage doors and garage door accessories is particularly important. Let's take a look at the garage door accessories installation knowledge!

Garage door accessories and installation methods

Install emergency access devices in areas with unstable power supply

The emergency entry device is a safety device that releases the self-locking function of the door body and realizes the manual opening and closing of the door body when the system is powered off or out of power. It is recommended to install this unit in areas with unreliable power supply.

Usually, the emergency entry device is installed in the upper middle of the door body. Use a hand drill or a special hole punch (φ16mm) to drill holes in the door panel.

Note: The burrs should be removed from the machined holes. Assemble the emergency entry device in sequence. When tightening the pressure plate, it should be tightened as much as possible, and then pass the pull rope with the S-shaped hook and hook it on the hanging hole of the clutch lever.

 Garage door accessories - emergency access devices

Installation of garage door wall buttons indoors

The wall button is installed indoors, and its main function is to individually control the lighting and open and close the door.

Install this wall button indoors where you see fit, using the two large wood screws supplied. After installation, insert the two positioning holes of the wall button into the two black straps that are provided.

 garage door accessories - garage door wall buttons indoors

Corresponding clamps must be used when wiring

Find the signal cable provided by the machine when wiring. One end of the line is attached with a signal plate with the words GND and PB. After the two lines are laid indoors, they are connected to the terminals marked with the words GND and PB on the back of the wall switch.

Note: The wiring must be wired according to the regulations, and the corresponding crimping card must be used.

Install photoelectric switch for safety protection

The photoelectric switch is a system that realizes non-contact safety protection by providing a beam of invisible light on both sides of the door opening. The door body will run in the reverse direction within two seconds and return to the fully open position, thus achieving the safety protection function.

Garage door installation positioning photoelectric switch bracket

The photoelectric switch bracket is located on the front wall outside the left and right vertical guide rails inside the door. The height of the photoelectric switch bracket from the floor is 150mm, and the position of the photoelectric switch bracket should be as far away as possible from the door hole to avoid sunlight. Use self-tapping screws or expansion screws to fix the photoelectric switch bracket. At this time, the photoelectric switch bracket should be kept horizontal. If the front walls on both sides are not on the same plane, appropriate pads should be used to adjust to ensure that the extension length of the photoelectric switch bracket is maintained. Consistent.

 garage door accessories - photoelectric switch

How to install photoelectric switch in garage door

Use a Phillips head screwdriver to crimp the signal wires connected to the photoelectric switch terminals. Use M6×30 bolts to install the photoelectric switch on the inner side of the Jiangdian switch bracket, and make sure that the lenses of the left and right photoelectric switches are on the same straight line.

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