Coils: What They Are, How to Clean Them & More

Read this article to learn what exactly your vape coil? We will also show you how you are supposed to clean it properly.

A vape device is useless without its coil. Any seasoned vaper will know the importance of coils. If you’re new to vaping and are unsure what coils are and how to use them… you’ve come to the right place.
Here at My E-Cig, we make sure our clients are well informed about all things vape. So, we’ve put together this blog to break down coils for you.
In this blog, we’ll answer three main questions:

– What are coils?
– How long do coils last?
– How do you clean your coils?
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What Are Coils?

One of the most crucial parts of every e-cigarette device is the vape coil. Your device’s coil is what heats up the e-liquid and turns it into vapour. The coil is just a wire that is spirally wound around the wicking substance in your device. It is held in place by the atomiser head, which is the coil that connects the positive and negative parts of your battery.
When vaping, the coil is heated up by the battery, which causes the wick which is saturated in e-liquid to vaporise into vapour. The vapour then ascends through the clearomizer, often known as the “engine room,” and is then ready for inhalation. The coil wiring is constructed from heat-resistant, conductive materials, most frequently stainless steel.

How Long Do Coils Usually Last?

A brand-new coil ought to last for one to two weeks. However, when most e-liquids are vaporised, a tiny coating of residue is left behind. This accumulates around your coils and wicks and might eventually clog your device. While you should change your coil every one to two weeks, keep in mind that regular cleaning of your device is just as crucial.
The following are some advantages of routinely cleaning your vape device:

– Cleaning increases the lifespan of your tank and coil. Failure to regularly clean your vape tank and coil will have the reverse effect.

– Improved performance – Regular cleaning removes accumulated residue that could enter the atomizer and taint your e-liquid. Additionally, the residue may jam the air vents, causing overheating and dry hits.

– More flavour – The flavour’s quality is what makes vaping so enjoyable. A clean device will produce fresher, tastier flavours with no residue, thus cleaning your vape tanks and coils is crucial to enjoying your e-liquid.

How To Clean Your Coils

Cleaning your new coil, you can increase both its longevity and the quality of its vaping. Instead of immediately vaping when you need to change the coil, you should prime the device instead. You may reduce the cost of purchasing a new atomizer head and increase performance quality by priming and cleaning.
It’s crucial to keep in mind that some vape coils cannot be cleaned. Because you can’t get to the coils in pod systems, they can’t be cleaned. A defective or used pod coil can only be fixed by purchasing a replacement.
The second kind of coils is replaceable coils, which come in two different varieties: coil heads for tanks, which are enclosed in a little metal chamber and include an absorbent wick, and coils for rebuildable, which you install and wick. Despite the fact that replaceable coils could be cleaned to some extent, doing so isn’t usually the best choice because the fixed absorbent wicks still hold onto some dirt and take significantly longer to dry.

A step-by-step tutorial for cleaning your coil is provided here:
1) Take the wicks out of the coils.
2) Lightly dry-burn the coils;
3) remove the atomizer from your mod or device
4) Run some water over the atomizer (using a toothbrush to lightly brush away any residue works really well)
5) Perform one more rinse.
6) Dry burn the coil to eliminate water stains.


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