How to treat Sex Dolls at different times?

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Fix Sex Doll

Repairing a silicone or TPE tear is similar to performing surgery on human skin. Before starting the repair process, you must have everything you need ready. Sex Dolls, like humans, can lead to blood loss and infection by leaving open wounds for extended periods. Therefore, it is very important to repair the Sex Doll wound in time

When repairing a sex doll, you will be using glue, so waiting too long is not recommended. Use a clean surface or table and wear a pair of gloves to protect your hands. Wait a while after applying the glue, and after it dries thoroughly you'll find that chances are you won't see any damage to it.

Save Sex Doll

When the freshness of the Tpe Sex Doll has passed, you need to consider how to store Sex Doll, otherwise, you will find that it becomes a decoration for you in the room, and even a layer of dust will fall because of your neglect, which is also very important. possible.

You can store the Sex Doll in a closet or under your bed. Cases like suitcases are great for under-bed storage. If you don't have a suitcase, please don't throw away the box you packed your Sex Doll when you receive it, it's very practical and the best thing you can pack for your Sex Doll. When you open it up again, the freshness will envelop you again.

Custom sex doll

Most of the customization features of sex dolls are self-explanatory. However, there are other characteristics, such as the doll's breast type and material, that require more time and attention before making a decision.

On Lovedollshops, merchants provide customized fantasy sex doll services, no matter what body you like, no matter what race you like, or what you like doesn't exist at all, it doesn't matter, Lovedollshops can help you achieve it.

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