Working principle of sticker labeling shaft of labeling machine

Working principle of sticker labeling shaft of labeling machine

The article mainly introduces the working principle, hardware composition and control requirements of the self-adhesive labeling shaft of the labeling machine.

labeling Machine is a device that sticks rolls of self-adhesive labels (paper or metal foil) on PCBs, products, or prescribed packaging. Labeling machines are an integral part of modern packaging. The main categories of labeling machines are automatic vertical round bottle labeling machine, automatic horizontal round bottle labeling machine, automatic corner labeling machine, automatic wine labeling machine, plane labeling machine, automatic plane assembly line Labeling head, upper and lower self-adhesive labeling machine, double-sided pneumatic labeling machine, single-sided labeling machine, semi-automatic plane labeling machine, semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine, etc.

In this article, the professional labeling machine manufacturer BEILT will discuss the control principle of the self-adhesive shaft labeling in the automatic high-speed vertical round bottle labeling machine and the realization based on LUST servo ONE.

Working principle of self-adhesive labeling shaft of labeling machine

1. Equipment composition and process The self-adhesive labeling part is a relatively independent part of the automatic round bottle labeling machine, including the labeling device, the labeling device, the labeling device, and the recycling device. The label supply device is composed of an unwinding mechanism and a buffer area, and the unwinding shaft releases the label material according to the labeling speed. In order to match the labeling mechanism that works intermittently, the label is first stored in the buffer area. The label-taking device includes a label-taking servo motor and a label-taking tongue plate. The label-taking motor pulls the label paper according to the position and speed of the moving bottle. When passing through the label-taking tongue plate, the label is taken out, and the label is pasted on the label by the labeling rotary brush. on the bottle. The backing paper or plastic film left after labeling is collected by the recycling device.

2. The process characteristics and requirements of the self-adhesive labeling shaft of the labeling machine

The labeling action should be carried out according to the position and speed of the bottle. The label should be synchronously reposted on the bottle, so as to make the label sticker flat and accurate. The bottles are transferred one by one, but there may also be a phenomenon of missing bottles in the middle. In this case, the label-taking mechanism should not take any more labels, but wait until the next bottle enters the labeling area.

In addition, the position of the bottle on the transfer carousel is fixed, but the size of the bottle and label is variable, so the control needs to be appropriately flexible.

After the label-taking self-adhesive label is die-cut and processed into a finished product, the backing paper is generally left wider than the label. This is to facilitate the unveiling of the label when the customer is labeling. In the process of label packaging, transportation, and handling, it is easy to crack the bottom paper on the edge of the label and cause small cracks. The automatic labeling machine has a certain tension when labeling, and the label with a crack on the edge of the backing paper is easily pulled off under the action of tension, resulting in the labeling and tape breaking. Therefore, the target acceleration and deceleration segment should be as long and smooth as possible.

Labeling machine

Due to the limitation of the mechanical structure of the label supply, the label supply buffer area will not be very large, and the unwinding motor of the label supply mechanism should match the labeling speed according to the material roll diameter.

The rewinding motor recycles the backing paper or plastic film left after labeling by the recycling device according to the appropriate tension.

The labeling machine's self-adhesive labeling axis control requirements

Applicable labels: self-adhesive labels / self-adhesive films, etc.

Applicable products: round bottles with a diameter of 40mm~90mm.

Labeling accuracy (mm): ±1mm.

Labeling speed (pcs/min): not less than 600pcs/min.

Hardware composition of self-adhesive labeling shaft of labeling machine

Take the standard axis S084+LSC

Unwinder SINAMICS V90


The self-adhesive labeling axis of the labeling machine is based on the control of SERVOONE

In view of the technical requirements of the self-adhesive labeling machine, we choose LUST's SERVO ONE servo system to realize the control. SERVO ONE is a servo controller with a built-in PLC and electronic cam function. All functions of PLC program execution, cam curve planning, and servo motor control can be realized in one driver, and online modification of the cam curve is supported. Therefore, using a SERVO ONE can replace the traditional motion controller or PLC controller + servo axis control method. Not only that but also in SERVO ONE, you can also write a control program that controls the winding and unwinding part, which greatly reduces the cost to users. cost, making the labeling machine competitive in the market.

Labeling control of labeling machine From the point of view of the requirements of the labeling process, the labeling mechanism should determine the labeling action according to whether there is a bottle and the position and speed of the bottle. Sometimes it is necessary to wait still. This requires the servo system to have an electronic cam function. The marking servo axis accelerates and decelerates with the signal of the spindle encoder of the bottle feeding mechanism, and synchronizes with the bottle speed (and spindle speed) during labeling to complete the labeling. In order for the labeling machine to achieve a better labeling effect and obtain the maximum labeling speed, the acceleration and deceleration sections should be as large as possible.

SERVO ONE adopts the cam implementation method conforming to the German standard VDI 2143, and can directly program and calculate the cam curve, which brings benefits:

First, the equipment can have good flexibility, so that the labeling machine can adapt to match different product requirements.

The second is to easily overcome and eliminate the labeling error caused by the uneven label spacing of the labeling machine.

Well, the above is the whole content of the working principle and control of the labeling machine self-adhesive labeling shaft that BEILT brings to you today. I hope today's content can help you better understand the labeling machine and more labeling machines. For more information, check out our previous articles:

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