Why should stainless steel plates adopt fingerprint-free technology?

This is an article about fingerprint-free technology of stainless steel plate. The function and advantages of fingerprint-free technology of stainless steel plate are introduced in detail.

What is fingerprint-free? Fingerprint-free stainless steel plate is also called fingerprint-resistant or fingerprint-resistant, which means that the surface of colored stainless steel plate is coated with a protective layer of transparent colorless to pale yellow liquid. This transparent liquid is firmly combined with the characters of colored stainless steel decorative plates with various textures to form an excellent protective layer. Next, let's take a look at the details of the fingerprint-free process of stainless steel sheet together with stainless steel sheet manufacturer Huiyingsteel.

Effect of fingerprint-free technology on stainless steel plate

The function of fingerprints is to effectively isolate pollution, and it is not easy to be eroded by acid and alkali oxides. Stainless steel plates are processed by advanced fingerprint-free technology, which can increase the beauty and durability of metal decorative plates. For example, it can prevent people from leaving fingerprints when touching the surfaces of these plates, so that they will not be stained with oil, sweat, and dust, making the surfaces lose their luster. Another function is that the post-processing is protected. After cutting the groove by laser, the "scar" will be left on the plate, and the stainless steel plate will be easily corroded if fingerprint-free technology is not used. 

Stainless steel plate

Fingerprint-free technology has changed the problem that the previous colored stainless steel surface will leave obvious fingerprints when touched. However, it should be noted that it is not that the stainless steel plate can't touch the fingerprint after the fingerprint-free process, but it is easier to clean even if there are fingerprints after the process. On the contrary, if the fingerprint-free process is not done, the surface of the stainless steel plate is not only easy to leave fingerprints but also the color film on the surface of stainless steel is easy to fall off after a long time if it quality is not good.

Fingerprint-free technology of stainless steel plate

Fingerprint-free processing will not damage the appearance of the stainless steel substrate, and at the same time, the color film will not peel off, and the stains can be completely removed by wiping with a dust-free cloth. Generally, fingerprint-free plates are made of high-quality stainless steel plates, and various colored stainless steel decorative plates are processed through multiple processes. Fingerprint-free processes are carried out on the surface, and finally, the thickness of fingerprint-free oil layers should be checked. 

Advantages of stainless steel plate fingerprint-free process

1) It is easy to clean the surface stains, and there is no need for metal cleaning agents. Some chemicals will blacken the stainless steel surface; Moreover, it is not easy to stick fingerprints, dust, delicate hand feel, and has super fingerprint resistance and anti-pollution effect.

2) The transparent film layer without fingerprints can protect the metal surface from being scratched easily, because the electroplating oil on the surface of stainless steel plate has good film properties, high hardness, and is not easy to peel, powder, yellow, etc.

3) The appearance texture is strong, oily, and moist, soft to the touch, and a good metal texture is retained.

4) Fingerprintless stainless steel plate can also change the cold and dry characteristics of metal, and it looks warm, elegant, and decorative.

5) The color stainless steel fingerprint-free board has excellent antirust performance, and a protective film is formed on the metal surface to effectively prevent the outside from eroding the inside of the metal, thus significantly prolonging the service life. All right, that's all about the fingerless process of stainless steel plates brought to you by Huiyingsteel today. I believe that after reading the full text, you will know the reasons and functions of the fingerless process of stainless steel plates. For more information about stainless steel plates, please refer to the following:

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