Three Kingdoms Road

Three Kingdoms Road

Dangerous pass, dangerous pass, is there nothing I can do when I meet you? No matter the tiger prison or the pot is just to rush, even the way around the past is not, if there is a pair of wings can fly past, alas-ah, when I think of the problem of flying, Cheng Yu suddenly remembered an i

Dangerous pass, dangerous pass, is there nothing I can do when I meet you? No matter the tiger prison or the pot is just to rush, even the way around the past is not, if there is a pair of wings can fly past, alas-ah, when I think of the problem of flying, Cheng Yu suddenly remembered an idea before, I once thought that if something can fly up, I can survey the situation of the enemy, at that time I thought of balloons. It is not difficult to make a balloon with the current technology, right? If there is a balloon, you can let people fly to the tower, switch down the lock, this surprise soldier must be able to receive a miraculous effect. Cheng Yu was so excited by this sudden idea that he walked up and down to imagine the details. After a while, he sat down in his chair. Although balloons can be made, how can they fly up? They are made of silk. The silk made under the current technical conditions is worse than fishing nets. It will certainly leak air. Even if it is not exposed, it is easy to break. If you want to produce professional silk cloth specially for making balloons, I'm afraid you will have grandchildren, right? Although the cowhide is very strong, but the weight is a little difficult to control. If you want to fly, add fuel. God, I'm afraid the balloon will be as big as a building. It's good to scare people at that time. If someone accidentally shoots an arrow? He flew to Mars. The more I think about it, the more I feel headache. In fact, this problem is not to blame Cheng Yu. Kongming invented Kongming lantern before long. If I could make a balloon at that time, would no one try it? People don't want to think about it. Maybe the limitation of technology and financial resources is also a huge problem. However, according to his conditions, if he can develop with all his strength for a few years and abandon hundreds of people as pioneers,phycocyanin spirulina, it is not impossible to die, but it will take a long time. His side is in great pain, happen to Cao Cao has military intelligence to report-country and in "convalescence", for a person's idea or don't demand. Seeing Cheng Yu's headache, he thought he was not feeling well, and hurriedly asked with concern. Cheng Yu where sick, just met this person who can discuss, will say their own ideas. When Cao Cao heard this, he had a shocked expression on his face. He had never thought about the problem that people could fly. After thinking for a long time, he felt that Cheng Yu's idea was promising. He said to him,stesweet stevia, "Master's idea is really wonderful. It must be God's protection that gives you this kind of inspiration.". You want to'balloon ', as expected, but it will take time, not overnight-but master, to say that there should be a way to fly, Huaiyin Hou once to fly to spy on the overlord's military situation, if with it, although flying is not very high, but probably can reach ChengTou, as long as a few people succeed, can send a large group of people ChengTou, The two passes can be broken by the sun. Flying? Cheng Yu recalled, and finally remembered that he was talking about kites. Sure enough, the cost of this thing is low and the production is simple. If it succeeds by luck, it is a good plan. At the moment, write vigorously and tell the two warhorses the method of making kites. Zhang he is mad revenge hopeless, now ChengYu unexpectedly sent such a good thing, how not to use, the moment in the army to dismantle the tent, lutein and zeaxanthin supplements ,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, to build a kite, at the end of the day, unexpectedly also made hundreds, although can make more, but because there is no place to use, if thousands of kites together, where to find so many people to pull the cable. That night, in the wilderness outside Huguan, the Jizhou Army began to fly kites. To say that these efforts to fly into the blue sky of Jizhou Army, but also volunteers, you know, even with the current technology, gliders out of the matter is nothing, not to mention in such a backward ancient times, with so primitive technology and materials to create something that has not been verified, these soldiers are basically holding the belief of death. The only thing that supports them is the blood and glory, and of course, the generous welfare of the families of the soldiers in Xuzhou over the years. Who can say that the ethical code is not good at all? At least let these people know their sense of shame and family, right? But the failure rate of these kites is really a little higher, even if here is the mouth of the valley, but it is still very difficult to bring up a person, not to mention these kites because they are supported by bamboo and wood, one by one the shape is too horrible to look at, the wind broke on the spot or was pulled off the rope accounted for the vast majority, only a few dozens of kites are barely flying up, also Finally, there are broken or broken in midair, the soldiers on these kites are not as lucky as their companions, falling from the sky, although they are ready to fall from the sky, but also inevitably broken bones and tendons. Although Cheng Yu's plan is very good, but it is not a good policy, because the enemy's guard, after all, is still very heavy, at the moment of the pot pass, a brightly lit pass inside the garrison has never been a moment to relax vigilance, after all, the present place is too important. The enemy to attack Bing, here is the only way, Tsao Jang has heard that Cheng Yu is a three-way invasion, I'm afraid the battle will not be like before, but will be a tough battle. Some time ago the enemy attack on the Taihang mountain is very can explain this problem, thanks to the original father handsome thousands of advice must be careful to guard against, specifically also mentioned the pot on both sides of the mountain, said the enemy if invading Bing, pot is the only channel, not afraid of the enemy hard attack only afraid they will play tricks, must be careful on both sides of the highland not to be occupied by the enemy, Sure enough, his preparation was not done in vain, shooting on the hidden mountain path on the mountain was actually the enemy's lieutenant Gao Lan, if not prepared, I'm afraid.. After this battle, Jun has basically blocked the enemy's other ways of attack, only hard attack. In the first few days of the attack, quite some of the feeling of desperate, I am afraid there will be a bigger move these days. So Jun has been on guard, coppage even live in the tent under the close, ready to deal with any emergency. The soldiers on the wall are also looking down at the same time,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, as long as they find a little change, they will immediately send out a signal, and the rest of the army will catch up with them in a cup of tea.

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