A wife from a famous family

A wife from a famous family

When Master Shen heard what Mrs. Shen had said, he was dumbfounded. He felt that he had heard something strange about the world.

When Master Shen heard what Mrs. Shen had said, he was dumbfounded. He felt that he had heard something strange about the world. He frowned and said, "a woman doesn't serve two husbands. Peichun is still newly married, so he wants to divorce. If it gets out, his reputation will be over." Mrs. Shen said confidently, "The Wangs are cheating on marriage, and Peichun wants to divorce." Master Shen asked curiously, "The Wangs are cheating on their marriage. Where do you begin?" Mrs. Shen secretly said that Wang Zheng could not be humane, but she could not say this. She only said vaguely, "He has a violent temper. If he doesn't agree with each other, he will do it. He is not a good son-in-law." Master Shen raised his eyebrows slightly and said with a smile, "We're all newlyweds. It's hard to avoid some bumps and bruises. After a long time, it will be all right." In his heart, he was thinking about this marriage. At the beginning, he had told Master Shen in private that it was not right. Let him take a closer look. At that time, he said it was all right, but now he knew that he regretted it. Even if he divorced, it would be useless. He knew very well what kind of family the Xu family was. How could he marry a woman who divorced. Mrs. Shen was secretly annoyed that Master Shen refused to help, but after all, he asked for help from others, and later asked him to help, so she had to leave with Shen Peichun angrily. "It's really strange that the first wife should go home empty-handed and not even eat lunch,aluminium laminated tube," said Moqiu. Everyone knew that Mrs. Shen had the temperament to take advantage of others, and it was strange to see her like this. Dividing line Du Huaijin laughed coldly and said, "I'll recite a poem to whoever gives the woman a pink ticket at midnight." Midnight: Thanks to my book friend Yinluo? Ziyun Tangerine Peel 1, Book Friends 100118160146145, Heartbreak, Smile, Qin Zhi, Mustard Tuanzi,plastic packaging tube, Sand Tree Luo, Dark Night Breaking the Moon cast a pink vote The sixty-ninth chapter of the main text (four) Chapter 69 removal of clothing (4). With the wind to inquire about once, came back is so said, Shen Ziyan listened for a long time did not make a sound, but in the heart sighed unceasingly, early know so, why at the beginning, if the beginning will Wang Childe's character to inquire clearly, how to now. This is not to form in-laws, it is clearly to form enemies. After Shen Peichun returned home, he naturally cried a few more times. Wang Zheng bit and refused to divorce. Mrs. Shen was angry and ashamed. She was worried that the matter would be known by the big master. She blamed herself for her incompetence and dared not say much, so she had to hide it. Sometimes she had to say a few good words for Wang Zheng. Her heart was really suffocating. Wang Zheng and Shen Peichun only stayed in Jinling for a month, and soon returned to the Wang family. Shen Peichun was reluctant to leave, but there was no other way to think about it. He cried and left Jinling with Wang Zheng. In the autumn of the second year, when the Chinese parasol trees were drizzling, plastic cosmetic tubes ,eye cream packing tube, Shen Ziyan finished his twenty-seven-month period of filial piety and took his clothes. As usual, I went to the Shuilu Taoist Temple for a few days to pay my respects to Mrs. Shen. In this miserable season of wind and rain, it was hard to avoid adding some tears. In the twinkling of an eye to the winter, Shen Ziyan sat in the warm pavilion, listening to the sound of snow beads beating Ming tiles, like pearls falling on a jade plate, very crisp. The house was burned with lilies and herbs, a sweet smell that made people sleepy. Shen Ziyan, holding a small hand stove with red gold hollowed-out carvings in both hands, lay quietly on the Kang, listening to Moqiu and Suifeng talking about the anecdotes of Jinling people. She also felt interesting and asked a few questions from time to time. Moqiu see Shen Ziyan heart like, more and more happy, also like bamboo tube pour beans general said, "I heard that after Zheng Yan into the house of qi, the first wife was indifferent, just as there is no cousin in general, that Zheng Yan's mother went to the house of qi to visit, want Zheng Yan to help her brother, then took a white porcelain vase in Zheng Yan's room, want to go when the money." Be discovered by the people of Qi Fu, a good mouth, finally really face is gone, Linzi is also gone. Shen Ziyan thought of the first wife had brought Zheng Yan to Shen Fu's style, frowning slightly. If really called the first wife's meaning, now Shen Fu is afraid to be another scene. When Moqiu saw that everyone was listening to her with their heads tilted, she thought again and said with a straight face, "Oh, there's a big story in Li Ge's house. Do you know it?" Everybody sees what she says solemnly, and serious word is stern, all surrounded come up, because ask: "What important matter?" When Moqiu asked, he said with a smile, "It's said that Li Ge's second son has a woman wrapped up outside. He even has an illegitimate child. There are ups and downs all over the city." Shen Ziyan only knew that the third son of Li Fu was a playboy. He went to Li Fu to be a guest that day and ran into the third son and the servant girl doing that. He and Mo Shu avoided it and hid in the flowers. Later, probably the good thing of the three sons was broken by the granddaughter of Song Ge Lao. Both families were people who wanted face. Later, they got married for no reason. I just don't know how Miss Song is now. Ink book is also the same mind, not by looking at Shen Ziyan one eye. Moqiu went on to say, "The second son of the Li family hasn't married yet, and this has happened. I don't know what he's going to do in the future." Shen Ziyan always knew that Li Ge's hometown was very strict, and never expected that such a dishonorable thing would happen again and again, but after all, it was not his own business. He just listened to the gossip after dinner, and did not take it to heart. The old house of Li Ge over there was silent. Everyone knew that something big had happened to the master's house. They didn't even dare to speak loudly. They did things with trepidation and carelessness. They were afraid that the master would be unhappy and vent his anger on himself. Lady Li was still there to persuade old Li Ge, "Sir, I raised this evil son. You can at least calm down. If you want to beat him, you can also scold him. Why don't you hold it in your heart and don't speak?" Old Li Ge snorted heavily and didn't speak. When Mrs. Li saw that the elder Li Ge had somehow reacted, she felt relieved and quickly advised, "The rebellious son is kneeling outside your study right now. At least say something. It's up to you whether you want to kill him or not." Old Li Ge said with a sneer, "I'm an old man, and I've raised such an unfilial son. Why should I kill him? Why should I cut him? I don't have this son anymore." Lady Li was startled. She quickly said,custom cosmetic packaging, "Sir, you." Old Li Ge waved his hand. "You don't have to say anything more. I have my own destiny in my heart." Mrs. Li was so full of words that she could not say anything, so she had to go out disappointedly. emptycosmetictubes.com

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