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She thought of He yuancheng. Every time he talked to her, his face was very unnatural. Even when he confessed, his forehead would sweat and his voice would tremble.

She thought of He yuancheng. Every time he talked to her, his face was very unnatural. Even when he confessed, his forehead would sweat and his voice would tremble. He was obviously a master debater in school, but when he talked to her, he always looked very clumsy. Once I think of He yuancheng, all the words and expressions at the moment seem to Ji Yi to be an actor with superb acting skills, just acting in front of the camera. Mo Jing, give me some time to think about it, will you? You know.. Ji Yi paused and turned her head slightly. In Mo Jing's opinion, she was just shy. "You know, we haven't known each other for a few days. Let me think about it." "Good." Mo unexpectedly smiled more and more gently. Two people were silent for a while, Mo took the initiative to ask: "Since Fu Shizhou is only your friend, then he has no family?"? Why not let his family take care of him. It was entirely understandable that he should ask such a question, not to think so, after all, he was now a suitor. Ji Yi thought for a moment and replied, "He came to W City because he had something to do. I was asked by his good friend to come to him. I didn't know he had an accident that day. He didn't want his family to worry, so he kept it a secret. I happened to be all right, so I stayed to take care of him." "You are so kind." Mo actually sighed, but the brain turned fast, Ji Yi said this is understandable, she seems to have no scheming,plastic pallet containers, Fu Shizhou want to use this opportunity to approach her, it is not impossible. Ji Yi just smiled shyly and did not speak. "Does he know who did it?" Mo asked? Is there any clue from the police? Ji Yi is waiting for this sentence. She hesitated for a moment and said slowly in Mo Jing's smile, "I don't know, but Fu Shizhou told me that there seemed to be two groups of people." He won't tell me anything else. Mo unexpectedly secret way is not good, Fu Shizhou unexpectedly discovered?! No, it's impossible! How did he know? Or when he was in the hospital, did he ask someone to check it without telling Ji Yi? Then Mo had no mind to chat with Ji Yi, Ji Yi himself is not a very extroverted person,plastic pallet manufacturer, for a time both of them fell into their own meditation. After arriving at the hospital, Mo unexpectedly let Ji Yi go upstairs first, saying that he wanted to eat something, Ji Yi had no doubt on the noodles and nodded. When Ji Yi returned to the ward, Fu Shizhou had calmed down. When he saw her coming in, he just smiled. Ji Yi put the flowerpot aside and went to his bedside to sit down. "I bought your favorite porridge with preserved eggs and lean meat. I tasted it and it tasted good.". If you like it, I'll buy it for you tomorrow. Fu Shizhou drank the porridge one mouthful at a time, but he couldn't taste anything. His heart was bitter and his mouth was bitter. After drinking half of the porridge, he paused and asked as if nothing had happened, "Did you go to buy flowers in the afternoon?" "Well, I went with Mo Jing." Ji looked at him generously. Fu Shizhou couldn't drink any more. He put the porridge aside and kept silent for a while. Then he couldn't help asking, "I want to change wards. I'm not used to living with others." Ji Yi can fully understand what he means, he does not want to have more contact with Mo Jing, but with his temperament, and what he said at the beginning, plastic pallet price ,plastic pallet suppliers, he can not really say to her, will only do some self-righteous little action, this is Fu Shizhou. If she did not know that Mo had contact with Sun Keyao, then she was too lazy to take Fu Shizhou seriously and let him go, but now she knows that everything may be a conspiracy, it is impossible to let Fu Shizhou's temperament. There is no spare ward in the hospital now, so you can make do with it. I think Uncle Mojing is also very quiet. It won't bother you. Ji spaghetti does not change color. Fu Shizhou was so angry that his liver ached. Seeing a young man interested in her, they went out to buy flowers together. The most suffocating thing was that he was not even qualified to be jealous. What can he say? Say strongly, no, I must change? Come on, he said that, and Xiaoyi probably had a worse impression on him. Mo unexpectedly put the flowers aside, went to the nearby restaurant, waiting for Sun Keyao to come, waiting for almost half an hour, Sun Keyao finally came. "What can't you say on the phone?" Sun Keyao sat down and his tone was slightly cold. Mo actually knows Sun Keyao and what happened to her, so when facing her, there will always be more sympathy and compassion. Today I talked to Ji Yi, and guess what? Fu Shizhou told her that this time he was injured because two groups of people wanted to harm him. Mo took a look at Sun Keyao, "Keyao, what if he finds you?"? Or stop. Sun Keyao took a sip of tea and frowned. "What did I tell you?"? Do not look down upon Fu Shizhou, he can go to today's position, is not a simple person, he can do anything, I knew early that he is such a person, has long been psychologically prepared, besides, he found more should thank me, I saved his life is not it? Mo Jing suddenly stretched out his hand and put it on her shoulder. He said very seriously, "Keyao, you are my friend. Whether it's for money or not, I will help you. But listen to me. Fu Shizhou won't let anyone who wants to hurt him go. You knew that three years ago, didn't you?" Sun Keyao suddenly got up and her eyes were red. "What I hated most three years ago was not him!" Mo unexpectedly sighed, he and Sun Keyao had known each other by chance, three years ago, he found her in the street, when she had a high fever, no one took care of her, he took her home, only a few months later, Sun Keyao left, the two met again a year ago, when Sun Keyao had changed a person, she had no pride. The whole person is very silent and fragile, he just knows, she for revenge, with a person enough to be her father. Sun Keyao hated Fu Shizhou at first, but later this hatred slowly faded with the great changes in life, and she began to understand who she should hate. So she relied on the man,collapsible pallet bin, began to revenge the Sun family, and even designed a car accident, trying to kill the woman who had used her to squeeze out her mother. binpallet.com

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