I'm hard to coax.

I'm hard to coax.

Wen Tianyan wanted to invite Wen Tianyu and Ye Fansheng to dinner with a generous face, which was called rewarding the two great designers.

Wen Tianyan wanted to invite Wen Tianyu and Ye Fansheng to dinner with a generous face, which was called rewarding the two great designers. When chatting, I don't know how to mention the recent hot search. As for Wen Tianyu's cosmetic surgery, it had already been suppressed, but I don't know how it was pushed up these days. Even if this, but also specifically exposed her freshman year to participate in YI fashion design, suggesting that there is a dark curtain, and then specifically for the replacement of the model Jiang Xi complained. It is clear at a glance who bought the draft. Wen Tianyan said indignantly, "It's too much to bully people. I went to find them to remove it, but I still refused to admit it.". I'm so angry. Wen Tianyu said helplessly, "So, did you explode the black material about her these days?" "I don't have it. I'm a big man." Wen Tianyan's eyes began to dodge. It's all done by the brokerage company. Her hot searches were quickly suppressed, thanks to Wen Tianyan, a "girl control maniac", whose fans helped to control the scene. Even under her "plastic surgery" micro-blog, they were all clarified and helped to respond, which made her see the power of the masses. Then, Jiang Xi these years from not red to red black material was exploded wave after wave, there is no stone hammer, the masses ate a few days of wonderful melon, but let her solid black and red again. I heard that she was the second woman in my next play. Wen Tianyan nibbled at the chicken breast carelessly. Wen Tianyu was a little helpless. She couldn't bear to look at it. "You almost got it. In the final analysis,secondary containment pallet, she is a mouthful. It's annoying to talk. Brother Fan Sheng has already tidied up once. Don't toss about." "I don't toss her," Wen Tianyan raised his eyebrows, the next second the volume increased, "bully my sister's head, I don't toss her who I toss?" Wen Tianyu: ".." "Besides," Wen Tianyan patted his chest proudly, "I'm your brother, and I can't do less than your brother Fan Sheng." Wen Tianyu slanted his head and looked at Ye Fansheng beside him: "I think Brother Fan Sheng is better than you." "Fan Sheng,ibc spill containment pallet, listen, listen.". My sister is almost taken away by you. Wen Tianyan covered his chest, "Oh, Tianyu, you hurt my brother's heart too much.". You think well, your brother Fan Sheng will get married, and then love his wife sweetly, but your brother will always be your brother. Wen Tianyu raised his eyebrows and said, "Aren't you going to get married if you don't chase Andrea?" Wen Tianyan could not hang on his face: "If you get married, you are still your own brother.". And earn you a sister-in-law to play with. Wen Tianyu was too lazy to talk to him and rolled his eyes: "Eat your meal." Wen Tianyan smiled and turned the topic to Ye Fansheng: "Fan Sheng, when will you bring your girlfriend out to get together? We are also your family." Ye Fusheng paused with chopsticks, "you've seen it." Wen Tianyu told him that before he confessed to his parents, he must not let Wen Tianyan know first that his destruction of things should not be underestimated. And with his IQ, he basically said goodbye to the right to know. Ye Fansheng twitched at the corners of his mouth. Chose another way to admit it. Oh, drum spill pallet ,plastic pallet manufacturer, I've seen the pictures. Wen Tianyan is still not convinced, the mind is identified as Fang Liya, "we help you to check ah.". When Tianyu is old enough to take her boyfriend home, I'm sure I'll have to go through three trials and break his legs if he's not qualified! Wen Tianyu put down his chopsticks angrily. "I've arrived, okay?" "How old are you? You are a little girl in your brother's eyes." Wen Tianyu stared at him angrily and gnashed his teeth: "If you don't eat, I'll ask the waiter to withdraw." Very not easy to finish the rest period after the shooting, Wen Tianyan can eat some meat and fish, now how can let go ah, immediately moved his eyes back to the table. Wen Tianyu shrank his nose at Ye Fansheng with an expression of "look what I said.". Ye Fansheng bent his lips and raised his hand to pick up food for her. —— After finishing the school, I finally ushered in the first vacation of the university. Wrapped up thickly, Xu Baibai put his suitcase at his feet and stamped his feet at the gate to say goodbye to her: "I'm going back. You don't have to miss me too much.". Contact by phone if you have something to do, and contact by WeChat and Weibo if you have nothing to do. Xu Baibai home in C city, take a high-speed railway to go back, two people may not see each other during the winter vacation. Wen Tianyu also told her, "Be careful on the way, if you still want to lose weight when you go home, keep your mouth shut, remember?"? He said he wanted to have a boyfriend. "I know." Xu Bai nodded wildly, with a confident look on his face, and then asked her, "Have you figured out how to explain to your family about Big Brother?" Wen Tianyu nodded, "Let's go home for the Spring Festival this time. My parents were there in those days. I called him over and we confessed together." She added, "Pick up a spot where my dad is in a good mood." Probably, should be, much easier. It is those things that make a mess on the Internet that are somewhat troublesome to explain and difficult to convince people. Take care, "Xu Bai patted his chest solemnly." Bai is with you. " Wen Tianyu was amused by her. "Well, go quickly. How cold it is outside." As soon as Xu Baibai took two steps, he came back with the box. By the way, "Xu Baibai took off his backpack from his back, rummaged through it, found a cardboard box and handed it to her.". It's still a little heavy. Xu Baibai said with a serious face, "By the way, you didn't say before that there was always a gap between you and Big Brother. It's not like a normal couple.". According to my analysis, it is estimated that you two have entered the brother-sister mode for too long, and it is difficult to change your identity for a while. "Big brother looks like a holy monk face, or you have to guide her," Xu Baibai took the small carton with his eyes, "I carefully selected from my collection, especially suitable for you, you study it carefully." Wen Tianyu was stupefied for a moment. Holding the small box, he was somewhat moved: "White..." Xu Baibai waved his big hand and winked at her mysteriously: "Don't thank me too much.". Of course, you can also watch it with Big Brother. It's faster for two people to study. …… That doesn't sound very reliable. Farewell to Xu Baibai, Wen Tianyu holding the box, just ready to contact Ye Fansheng, the mobile phone rang first. She picked it up without looking at it, with a pleasant tone in her voice. "Hello." The other end was quiet for a few seconds, and then,plastic bulk containers, without warning, a cold female voice sounded: "Tianyu, right?" 。 binpallet.com

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