It's possible to use your Base Stamina to play matches against

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In case you FIFA Mobile Coins do not have much information about the FIFA Mobile 21 Champions League Group Stage Event then you are really in the ideal place looking for it.

The first event of the new year, the UEFA Champions League Group Stage is going to be live for 14 days, 3 advertisements daily offering 3 Group Energy each ad. 5 Weekly Coin Packs that offer 12 Group Energy for 5,000 coins. You can daily claim 50 players' tokens. Group Energy refreshes 1 per hour with a maximum of 18. The first event would be from 4th November to 18th November.

The event is so intriguing that you can't forget it during your life.Here you can play the new Star Skill Games. These daily Skill Games will give 1, 2, or even 3 Stars based on how well you perform in them. This in turn will unlock specific milestones. Replay the Skill Games to get a maximum of 3 Stars. Stars made aren't accumulative, they max out at 6. For example, if you play with the Easy Skill Game 3 occasions and earn 2 Stars every moment, it will only count as 2 Stars earned, not 6 Stars.

It's possible to use your Base Stamina to play matches against teams playing in this year's UEFA Champions League. You will acquire several rewards by winning these games and if you finish all of the games of the week you'll earn an extra 50 Group Points. After a week, new games will become available.

You can use your Team Points along the Reward Path for UCL Players.You may use your Player Tokens in 2 Player Boxes to earn extra UCL Players, Coins, Training XP, and Skill Boosts. When you've buy FUT Coins used a single Player Box 8 times, you'll find a guaranteed UCL Player.

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