Madden 21 Team of the Week 16 and 17 Players Revealed

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The Madden 21 team in Week 21 provided the best lineup for the current New Orleans Saints near-end player Jared Cook. While his team lost in the NFC division round last weekend, Cook still got the LTD TOTW card during his tennessee giants' days. In addition to Fumble joking, he also provided gamers with 97 fantastic catches, 96 traffic catches, 95 short runs, 94 catches and 91 speed new closes. Players can buy Madden 21 Coins to get the ideal player.

Michael Gallup joined Cook with 95 OVR cards and became the TOTW 16 player of the week. The Cowboys catchers have 95 catches in traffic, 95 spectacular catches, 94 speeds and 94 jumps. The offensive hero of Week 16 is Santana Moss, and former Carolina Panthers star Luke Cushley is the defense hero. Both players will receive 95 OVR cards, which can provide a good boost for their respective themed teams or MUT roster.

For the Madden 21 team in Week 17, Dak Prescott, the track and field general of the Dallas Cowboys, won the LTD. Like Cook, Prescott also has 96 OVR cards. Dallas QB's attributes include 96 short hits, 95 runs, 94 deep hits, 94 moves, 94 medium hits, 94 throwing power and 93 pressure throws. Dad also gained 88-speed mobility.

For TOTW 17, the best player of the week is Indianapolis Colts center back Jonathan Taylor. His latest MUT project has 95 OVR, 95 load, 94 speed, 94 acceleration, 94 interception, 90 agility and 89 direction change attributes. Taylor is an elusive central defender prototype. The offensive and defensive heroes are Jamaal Charles and Shaun Ellis.

Players can test their ultimate team in "Game of the Week". The rewards of the victory include Madden 21 Coins, TOTY tokens and hot stripe package options to claim more tokens. In the 16th week of the Challenge, gamers will participate in the Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles duel. Week 17 brought the Indianapolis Colts challenge to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

There are 4 exchange sets for each new "Weekly Team" drop. These can make trades get random 84-92 OVR TOTW players, defensive heroes, offensive heroes and player of the week. Within a limited time or in an auction house, a LTD with a package is randomly found. The latest content joins other promotions in the game, including the new MUT Legends and NFL playoffs released in the past few weeks. If you need to Buy MUT Coins, please visit GameMS.