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Newport Cigarettes Newport Cigarettes Newport Cigarettes Newport Cigarettes Newport Cigarettes Newport Cigarettes

A number of cutting-edge scorch reduction technologies and flexible processing techniques are used to absorb the essence of natural spices, so that the product has a healthy design concept. The image of petals and waves using impressionist expressions are spread out layer by layer, with real and virtual, creating a dreamy mood. The ignited open smoke flavor is based on the original tobacco aroma, supplemented by the external aroma. In addition to the strong smoke characteristics in the first half of the period, the smoke in the middle and rear sections began to change from rich to elegant Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Although elegant, the heavy aura inside is still released. One smoked Cigarettes Online, clean and pure tobacco fragrance is very high-quality. The shredded tobacco burns evenly and the smoke is smooth and free. After spitting out the smoke, the lips and teeth will have no odor, and there will be no irritation of the tongue and throat. What I can smell at the end of my nostrils is a slightly strong smell, but it dissipates quickly and is not long-lasting. During the process of taking another one, there were occasional smoke fatigue and lack of clarity, but only occasionally. After taking a few sips, I quickly reached the end of the filter. The overall quality of the tail end, basically inheriting the characteristics of the previous few mouths, is still very high quality. It is a wide version and fully open style. The double dragon on the front main picture is like a relief design, which is full of convexity when touched by hand. Kui, the first. The pattern on the back of the cigarette case does not have the convexity and concave feeling Parliament Cigarettes. The introduction is printed on it. The text inside the flip cover is a brand cigarette. The most conspicuous are the following two words. In short, the main picture has a strong nostalgic taste. It uses natural flavors to process tobacco to make the smoke clearer and richer, with an elegant and delicate aroma, a comfortable taste and a fresh aftertaste. Fully respecting consumer needs, the formula design selects imported tobacco leaves from Zimbabwe and Brazil, and at the same time increases the proportion of other high-quality tobacco leaves, and uses natural flavors to modify the smoke to make the smoke more clear, rich, elegant and delicate, and taste comfortable The aftertaste is clean. Highlight the strong regional colors, add modern text combinations and use the current IT industry's popular square elements. The sides are supplemented with European elegant Gothic patterns, and the front and back sides are red and gold to increase the visual impact. The perfect combination of printing and craftsmanship produces a strong visual contrast effect, and the overall style is bright, atmospheric and distinctive.
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