Things You Should Know About Transformer Oil Purifier.

Things You Should Know About Transformer Oil Purifier.

Over time, transformer oil degrades, impairing the machine's ability to run safely. As a result, filtering or purifying the transformer oil is required to enhance the performance of the insulating oil or transformer oil.


This article will discuss many types of transformer oil, their uses, deterioration, filtration, etc., as well as several common transformer oil purifiers.


Oil for transformers and its use


What purpose does transformer oil serve?


  1. The removal and cooling of heat.


  1. Maintain effective insulation.


  1. To stop corona and arc discharge, transformer oil acts as an arc suppressant. Transformer oil is necessary for arc extinguishing, insulation, and cooling because when transformers operate, they produce a lot of heat and arcs.


  1. It can serve as the hydraulic system's liquid seal.


What causes transformer oil to deteriorate and age?


The operation causes the oil's color to gradually darken, its fluorescence and transparency to disappear, its viscosity to rise, its acid value to rise, its flash point to drop, its electrical characteristics to deteriorate, its interfacial tension to weaken, and even brown-black precipitates to form. The oil is regarded as old. The transformer oil's insulating qualities deteriorate with time.


Why is a transformer oil purifier necessary?


Older transformer oil can reduce machine life and affect how well the transformer performs. As a result, we need to filter the transformer oil or use a transformer oil purifier to clean it.


purification of insulation oil


  1. We warm the insulating oil first.


We are able to heat the insulating oil to a predetermined temperature, usually 65°C. Oil can be heated to lessen its viscosity and enhance its capacity to dehydrate and release gases.


  1. Get rid of contaminants


The insulating oil must then be cleaned of sludge and debris in the subsequent phase. Transformer oil can be cleaned in two different methods.


candle filter


Centrifugal. Centrifugation can be used to separate dirt and debris from the insulating oil. By using this technique, you can avoid having to buy new filters.


  1. Insulating oil dehydration and degassing


The insulating oil is dried and gassed at this point. In a degassing chamber, this procedure is carried out.


Transformer oil purifiers' function


Transformers can operate more efficiently using transformer oil purifiers.


The oil's and the machine's lives can be extended by a transformer oil purifier.


Contamination, electrical stress, and oxidation are three factors that can lead to the fluids in transformers degrading. The transformer oil can also be purified by the oil purifier.


Transformer oil purifiers assist oil avoid several issues and facilitate our work. Where can I locate a reliable source of oil purifiers? Please get in touch with YUNENG as soon as you can if you need the best oil purifier equipment support available.


Why go with YUNENG?


Without harming the original oil additives, the oil filter we give can remove particles, moisture, gas, acid, and other things from transformer oil.

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