System pro E® sub distribution boards cut assembly time

System pro E® sub distribution boards cut assembly time

System pro E® sub distribution boards cut assembly time

The System pro E® energy range provides commercial and industrial end-users with easy to install, flexible and safe applications that can integrate all types electrical devices to build distribution panels up to 800A. It is the first ABB solution that combines ABB technology and the former GE Quixtra platform to provide a ‘best of both’ technology solution.Get more news about Metal Distribution Boards,you can vist our website!

Installing the System pro E® energy range can have a significant positive impact on overall efficiency for the end-user, with ABB estimating it can save up to 40 percent in assembly time. It also requires 30 percent less stock, 15 percent fewer order codes and improves wiring space capacity by 20 percent. This increase in operational efficiency can also help optimize energy distribution– a key feature of ABB’s smart energy management technologies.

The System pro E® range consists of wall-mounted and floor-standing sheet steel cabinets, as well as busbars and functional units, and allows maximum flexibility for the panel builder and installer to build distribution boards for any application.

The range is also extremely safe - the System pro E® energy L provides a protection degree up to IP43 and the System pro E® energy M, the mono-block solution - up to IP55. When combined with ABB’s DIN-Rail devices the range is also certified to IEC 61439 standard.

In addition, System pro E® energy Combi facilitates internal configuration with a modular system that includes all the individual parts required for assembly. This allows the end-user to take a flexible approach towards stock keeping and avoid a time-consuming search for system parts, such as brackets, screws or fasteners.

Piero-Giorgio Schiannini, Global Product Group Manager Energy Distribution, comments: “ABB is always striving to develop solutions that allow customers to save time and money, through a combination clever design and smart technology. Our new System pro E® energy range of sub distribution boards combine with connectivity devices to provide effective digital energy management solutions for commercial and industrial applications. The technology is flexible, easy to assemble and meets the highest safety standards. This means that installers and end-users can be confident that they are using the most safe, reliable and efficient solution for their energy distribution.”

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