The Best Sex Toys for Every Body

The Best Sex Toys for Every Body

The Best Sex Toys for Every BodyThe Best Sex Toys for Every Body

SEX TECH HAS come a long way in the past 10 years—not only in terms of cultural acceptance and awareness, but also technology. Gone are the days of clunky, pink plastic rabbit vibrators and sex toys that feel like knockoff action figures. Today's toys are designed by sex educators, medical professionals, and some of the world’s greatest sexperts. They feature ultra-premium, surgical-grade silicone, robust Bluetooth connectivity, programmable vibration patterns, and multiple motors all designed to help you have a good time. To get more news about 国产成a在线, you can visit our official website.

There’s never a bad time to invest in a little extra self-care. These are some of our favorite sex toys, vibrators, smart vibrators, personal wand massagers, and accessories, all of which we’ve personally tested. There’s something here for everyone, every gender, and every body. The language on these products isn’t always gender-inclusive, but we approached testing with a gender-inclusive mindset, testing these with a variety of different genitals, bodies, and partners.

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Which Toys Are For My Body?
Beyond P V
The sex tech industry has conditioned us to think of toys in terms of male and female, penis and vagina, but that’s reductive, inaccurate, and contributes to a larger narrative about the relationship between genitals and gender. It’s unhelpful and I have a lot of feelings about it.

To that end, we opt to be as specific as possible and use anatomical terms to describe individual erogenous zones—and there are way more than just P and V.

The vulva is the exterior part of the vagina. It includes the labia majora, labia minora, the urethra, and the clitoris. The clitoris is the center of erogenous nerves in the vulva, and it’s actually much larger than just the exterior portion. Its internal structures extend down to either side of the vagina, which is where you’ll find the G-spot—the area stimulated by toys that curve toward the front of your body.

The phallus is what’s commonly referred to as the shaft of the penis, and it includes a couple different erogenous zones. The glans is the top of the phallus, usually referred to as the “head,” and the frenulum is a thin strip of connective tissue on the underside of the glans that can be particularly sensitive to targeted stimulation. Last but not least, the anus is, well … it's the butthole. The rectum is the interior portion that attaches to the anus. Both of these areas can be sensitive to internal and external stimulation.
Best Basic Vibrator
Maude Drop
This tiny little vibrator packs a punch. It might be the most intense palm-sized vibrator we’ve ever tested. It has only three intensity settings, which is fewer than most toys on this list, but for the Maude Drop, it’s about quality over quantity. Each of its levels provides deep stimulating vibrations, but if you’re particularly sensitive you may want to be careful with the highest setting. It’s rumbly, powerful, and fast, which can be a nice way to end a session of solo use. It’s a great vibrator if you’re looking for something simple, discreet, and approachable.
Best Wand Vibrator
Magic Wand Mini
The original Magic Wand was always a bit bulky. Plus, it plugs into the wall, and I've never had a sexual encounter that was improved by the presence of an extension cord. The Mini solves both of those problems. It's small, fits easily in one hand, and is not too heavy. It's rechargeable, so no need to fumble with cables while you're using it. Plus, it offers a generous 2.5-hour battery life on a single charge.
Best Angled Wand
Dame Com Wand Vibrator
Dame's take on the classic magic wand (8/10, WIRED Recommends) introduces a new angle on an old favorite—literally. Most wands are straight, and nothing on the human body is straight, so using them to reach your most sensitive areas can be pretty awkward. The Com offers an elegant solution. The wand handle is angled ergonomically so the toy does all the reaching for you. Plus, at $125 it’s cheaper than a lot of premium wireless magic wands. The battery life could use some work though; you’ll only get about an hour out of a single charge.
Best Stroker Toy
Tenga Crysta Leaf
I'm not a fan of sleeve-type toys. Most of the time they feel weird and awkward to use, even alone. But Tenga's Crysta Leaf changed my mind. This is the first sleeve or stroker toy that I actually want to use again and again. It’s made of a squishy and incredibly stretchy elastomer material, and when you’re using it you can still feel your (or someone else’s) hand applying pressure throughout the toy. It’s a very tactile experience, and if you’ve ever been turned off by hard plastic sleeves and strokers in the past, you might want to check this one out. You’ll need to get a high-quality water-based lube, though, and keep the toy clean. It attracts dust and cat hair like nobody’s business.

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