These women-led sex toy brands

These women-led sex toy brands

These women-led sex toy brandsThese women-led sex toy brands

The importance of self-care is among the myriad things the past two years has taught us, and sexual well-being has increasingly become part of that conversation. That includes self-pleasure, and a host of women-led companies have stepped up to innovate and bring people high-design sex toys that marry function and style.To get more news about 午夜在线观, you can visit our official website.

If you feel like giving yourself a gift this Valentine’s Day, we rounded up six women-led intimacy companies whose products are pioneering unique ways to close the pleasure gap.Created by two tech-minded founders, the Lioness Vibrator 2.0 was designed using data from more than 30,000 orgasms. The smart sex toy not only delivers AI-assisted sessions, it uses sensors to track your arousal and climax patterns, so users leave with a more educated O. The accompanying Lionesss app allows owners to track and quantify their orgasms, which the founders ultimately allows for a more empowering in-bed experience. Because knowledge is always sexy.

Dame’s clever intimate products made it one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Wellness Companies of 2020. Led by co-founders Alexandra Fine, a sexologist, and engineer Janet Lieberman, Dame creates intuitive, aesthetic toys and accessories for couples and solo play. The Eva II is the latest rendition of the toy that brought the brand to the mainstream with its hands-free operation and sleek aesthetic. But Dame’s latest invention is the Aer: a suction toy that uses air pulses to stimulate the more delicate parts of your anatomy.

MysteryVibe’s toys are engineered with sexual wellness in mind. They’re smart, pleasure-focused toys, dually designed to alleviate and address common obstacles, like vulvodynia and vaginismus, by encouraging blood flow and relaxing muscles. The company’s signature Cresendo—a bendable, six-motor vibrator that can be contorted to hit different erogenous zones—is unisex, making it accessible to all couples and singles alike.

Actress and model Cara Delevingne joined Lora DiCarlo’s namesake sex-tech brand toward the end of 2020, uniting efforts to destigmatize the pursuit of pleasure. The startup’s CES-winning hero product, the vibrator-suction toy Osé, is now available in a new iteration. The Osé 2 is a curved, multistimulating vibrator that aims to provide G-spot and clitoral orgasms. With a suction function and robotic nub that moves to replicate that “come hither” motion, the flexible toy can be shaped to your fancy and programmed at 10 intensity levels.

Everlane alumna Eva Goicochea isn’t vague in defining her brand’s aesthetic: clean, minimal, and function-forward. Maude‘s vibrator—appropriately named “Vibe”—comes in grey and green FDA-grade silicone with intentional and intuitive functions. The company’s practical and gender neutral sexual wellness products fall in the same category: discreetly packaged natural latex condoms, jojoba-oil massage candles in amber-colored glass jars, and fragrance-free, PH-balanced body wash.

Sex educator and founder Alicia Sinclair creates unapologetically sparkly, rose-gold, and pastel vibrators and toys. Le Wand’s suite of products mostly lean on a classic “magic wand” shape, with thoughtful upgrades: a lightweight Petite Size, flexible silicone heads, easy-press buttons to access 30 vibration speeds and patterns, and wireless versatility. Also intriguing is the Le Wand Deux, a palm-size, bunny-eared mini toy that can be used to nestle even the smallest of pleasure zones in all encompassing vibration.

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