the best vibrators to invest in for peak self-pleasure

the best vibrators to invest in for peak self-pleasure

the best vibrators to invest in for peak self-pleasure

Indulging in a vibrator does not have to be a daunting experience. Whether you’re partnered up or just in it for some solo play, toys are a great way to inject some fun into your sex life, and can be seriously life-changing for anyone from those in long-distance situations or non-heterosexual relationships. Masturbation alone has been found to improve mental clarity and be a solid form of stress-relief—and we have to concur, making a vibrator almost a necessity for every one’s nightstands.To get more news about 免费视频黄a站, you can visit our official website.

Not to mention, with all the silly stigma surrounding self-pleasure, particularly when it comes to those of us with vulvas, we’re all likely familiar with the haste at which we purchase vibrators, opting for discretion and convenience over what actually suits our needs for the sake of a rapid transaction. But, if chosen wisely, a good quality vibrator can provide you with years of pleasure at your fingertips (literally), meaning they’re a purchase worth putting some research and thought into.

But just like lipsticks and accessories, there’s a lot out there on the market and it can get a bit confusing when they all look so different—and slightly terrifying with all their bells and whistles. It can be overwhelming, but shopping for a sex toy should never be intimidating. After all, the goal is literally to enjoy yourself. So, to nudge you in the right direction, we’ve rounded up our top picks for the best vibrators on the market (so far). For the best in self-pleasure, according to Vogue, treat yourself to one of these.
The best vibrators for women in 2022


If versatility is of paramount importance to you, then this wand might be your pick. With a range of intensity levels and vibration patterns, it's adaptable to your needs and can be used on any erogenous zone. Plus, it was featured in a Cardi B music video.
New to the game? Or perhaps you just prefer simplicity. Either way, ‘The Billionaire’ from cult brand Smile Makers is sure to be your new best friend. Suitable for both external and internal play, this model is made from the smoothest silicone and is also on the silent side for discreet use.

This innovative snail-shaped vibrator was designed to stimulate both your g-spot and your clitoris at the same time, courtesy of five vibration speeds, five different patterns of vibration and two independently controlled motors.


Those looking to amp up their bedroom experience should seriously consider one of these godsends. The compact shape and smooth silicone ensure a comfortable insertion while its hands-free nature and 10 vibration settings are sure to keep the good times rolling.

No, it’s not an e-cigarette, it’s an incredibly sleek bullet. But don’t be fooled by its chic exterior as this vibrator packs some serious heat—with a wide range of vibration settings to prove its worth and a magnetic charging dock that is just as easy on the eyes.

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