Slender waist

Slender waist

Wei Hong's black face was softened by the girl's happy expression and tone,

Wei Hong's black face was softened by the girl's happy expression and tone, and he walked up to her with a smile. I'm home Yao Youqing nodded, his eyes were bright, and his face was full of joy and joy. In the past, when Wei Hong came back, she would stand up and greet him with a smile, but they were all gentle and shallow smiles, just like when facing anyone else, just like. Like Ji Yunshu. But now he could clearly see that her smile was a little deeper, and it came out from his eyes, which was totally different from the previous smile that was only superficial and polite. It was a look of expecting him to come back and being happy because he came back. In the past, Wei Hong thought that women should be as generous and decent as Ji Yunshu, but now he knows that when a woman really likes to rely on a man, it should be like this. The so-called generous decency is done for outsiders to see, how can there be so much indecency in front of their own family? If a person can always maintain the most appropriate appearance in front of another person, it is not to put him in mind at all, not to treat him as his own family. Wei Hong looked at the girl's smiling face and wanted to take her into his arms and rub her, but because there were others present,Inflatable outdoor park, he did not reach out, but his eyes were still staring at Yao Youqing's face, and some could not move. When Li Tai saw that his eyes were almost glued to the girl's face, he said, "How can you hide when you see the little cutie?"? Do you always bully it? "No, no." Yao Youqing hastened to help Wei Hong explain. Wang Ye is very good to the little cutie,Inflatable outdoor park, but also often buy dried meat for it to eat, the little cutie used to like Wang Ye, but also always run to Wang Ye's study, and later. Later, I don't know how it became like this, but Wang Ye really didn't bully it! "Maybe he bullied the little cutie in the study!" Said Li Tai! Or he grabbed the cutie! "This.." "I didn't." Wei Hong answered without blushing or beating his heart. It was Cui Hao who hugged him, not him. He neither admitted it nor felt guilty. Yao Youqing nods: "Wang Ye won't." Cutie: "Ow.." "All right." When Song saw that Li Tai was still talking, he opened his mouth and interrupted. Wang Ye has just come back. Go into the room and have a sip of hot tea. If you don't mind, you might as well have dinner with us here at noon. I'll ask the beans to add more dishes to the kitchen. Wei Hong used to eat here occasionally, so he was not polite and nodded directly: "Then there is Aunt Lao." Then he went to the main courtyard with several people. Li Tai and his wife walked in front, Wei Hong and Yao Youqing walked side by side behind, while Li Dou went directly to the kitchen. Wei Hong stretched out his hand to hold Yao Youqing's hand, but she laughed and dodged. He went to hold it again, Inflatable water park factory ,Inflatable indoor park, and the girl dodged again. Two people are laughing silently, finally is succeeded by Wei Hong, pulled her to walk all the way, until before entering the door only then loosened. Soong served tea and asked a few questions about the recent situation at the border. Seeing that the beans had not come back yet, he got up and said, "I'll go to the kitchen and have a look. You can sit here by yourself." After a few steps, Li Tai was still drinking tea in his chair. He turned his head and said, "You go with me." Li Tai looked up from his teacup. "What am I going to do?" Song Shi also did not explain, just eyebrows and eyes slightly heavy: "Go not to go?" Li Tai quickly put down the teacup: "Go." Zhou's mother went to the door to help them lift the curtain, and then she retreated to the door. Yao Youqing at this time if they can not see that they are deliberately left to let her and Wei Hong alone, then it is silly, busy stand up to stop them, but Wei Hong was pulled back directly on the leg. Wang Ye! She blushed to get up and was held firmly by Wei Hong's waist. They are all experienced people, and they know that we are newlyweds, so they let us talk alone. "We've been married for so long," said Yao Youqing. "We're not newlyweds." Wei Hong:.. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Then seeing that the girl still wanted to struggle, he laughed in her ear and said, "Don't be afraid. I can hear if someone approaches." "But." The word did not say, be pressed to the bosom by the man: "I just come back, do you smell smelly?" Yao Youqing was stunned and immediately laughed. He went over and smelled it. Then he shook his head. "It doesn't stink.". ” Wei Hong also laughed and lowered his head to rub against her neck: "Ning'er is still so fragrant." A short stubble grew on his chin, which made Yao Youqing hide. "Don't make trouble, Wang Ye," he said with a coquettish laugh. "It's so itchy." She did not say that it was all right, the more she said that Wei Hong was deliberately making trouble for her, and she could not help kissing her lips a few times. Yao Youqing blushed and put his hands on his chest. Wang Ye. Will you let me sit back? This is at my uncle's and aunt's house. Although Wei Hong was reluctant to let go, he agreed with a smile, pecked her lips again and put her back in his chair. He wanted to be close again, but he was afraid that he would make a fool of himself later if he let the girl sit on his lap and rub against him. But although the person sat back, the hand was still pulled by him, because of the perennial practice of martial arts and with a calloused hand from time to time in her fingertips or palm gently kneaded. Yao Youqing earned a few times not to break away, even if it is better to hold hands than to be held sitting on his lap. She half leaned on the square table and asked Wei Hong what was interesting about the border pass. Wei Hong thought about it and casually told her something messy. For example, when someone went out to patrol, he accidentally fell into the mire and rolled all over the mud. When he returned to the camp, the mud dried up and became a mud shell. The whole person was like a beggar's chicken. For example, a mare in the military camp gave birth to a foal, and a very rare litter gave birth to two. These are not interesting things for many women, and they don't like to hear them. But Yao Youqing felt novel and interesting, so he listened with relish, laughing out loud and opening his eyes as Wei Chi narrated, looking attentive and serious. When Song Shi came back,Inflatable meltdown, she heard her happy laughter like a clear spring. She came in and asked with a smile, "What are you talking about so happily?" Yao Youqing jumped over and took her hand, his face full of joy. Wang Ye promised to give me a pony and teach me how to ride a horse! 。

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