King of the Star Dome

King of the Star Dome

Looking at yuan yuan, who had gone far away, and Ling Xin, whose eyes were shining with unexpected light,

Looking at yuan yuan, who had gone far away, and Ling Xin, whose eyes were shining with unexpected light, Ding Jiangshan smiled bitterly in his heart, but nodded with pleasure on the surface and said, "Of course." Ding Jiangshan, personally announced the appointment of Xu Xuanli castellan, plus Xu Xuanli is also a veteran aristocrat in the city, was hastily called up a group of aristocratic officials in the city, in addition to envy and admire the good luck of Viscount Xu, somehow into the eyes of the little Duke, was promoted, but also did not think much. On the contrary, a group of nobles who consciously saw the situation clearly immediately began to show their loyalty, patting their chests and saying that they would help Viscount Xu manage the city of Nizin even if they tried their best. The shrewd little Duke of Dingjiangshan naturally knew that all the officials did so because they were present, but they used this method to express their loyalty and support for their father and son. On the surface, they kept smiling and nodding, with a face of praise, but in fact, they swallowed Huanglian in their hearts and suffered unspeakably. Busy until late at night,inflatable castle with slide, Viscount Xu as Lord of Nizin, all the procedures were completed, all the noble officials were sent away, the little Duke smiled and said good night to Viscount Xu and Ling Xin, and returned to his bedroom. At that moment, the whole castellan mansion soon fell into complete silence. Two hours later, the door of the bedroom of the little Duke of Dingjiang Mountain suddenly opened, and the tall and thin little Duke,inflatable bounce house with slide, dressed in a black star robe, like a ghost, quietly floated out of the bedroom. It was the darkest hour before dawn, and the huge sea beads inlaid under the eaves of the castellan mansion and in the courtyard had also become very dim. The original star guards and star masters in the mansion were dead and wounded, and there was a shortage of manpower. In addition, this was the time when people were at their lowest alert. The defense of the castellan mansion was full of loopholes, so the little Duke walked among them as if he were in no man's land. Turning left and right in the mansion, crossing the terraces and palaces, the little Duke unexpectedly came to the side hall where Dingchangbo stripped the girl's skin. He raised his hand and hit the two doors with two star charms. The two doors, which were as red as blood, suddenly opened. Ding Jiangshan's face showed a look of excitement and he swept in without hesitation. Entering the hall, looking at the body of the girl hanging like a forest, smelling the strong smell of blood, the little Duke felt his throat tighten, almost did not vomit, inflatable amusement park ,inflatable floating water park, and his eyes could not help showing a trace of disgust. Walking to the human skin sofa on which Ding Changbo had always sat and regarded as a treasure, the little Duke pushed it with both hands, and a group of powerful stars spat out. With a muffled sound of "bang", the human skin covered on the sofa was smashed, thus revealing a blue crystal plate which was covered by a meter square. .。 PS: Hand type full text first, the domain name of God-Ma = small-said all the Pinyin, very easy to remember. Zero-long-text-learning-net w-w-.-0-9-w-X-w-.-C-o-m end1.html [Chapter 492 of the main text] (Lingjiu Literature Network Chapter 492 a nest of snakes and rats. The little Duke cursed in a low voice as he endured a strong nausea, punctured his middle finger, and a few drops of blood dripped down, turning into a few bloody seals in midair and sinking into the blue crystal. Zero long literature network () The halo on the surface of the blue crystal floats, a mirage changes, and soon a scene appears on it. What is reflected in the scene is a middle-aged star master in his forties sitting on a golden sea bead inlaid with the rising sun. He is playing with a glass cup filled with blood-colored iced grape wine. He is slightly closing his eyes and tasting it. His face is intoxicated. This middle-aged star master has a pale complexion, an eagle nose and deep eyes, and is handsome with an inexplicable deep majesty, which makes people feel a little awe at first sight. He wears a golden crown of red coral marrow, on which a thumb-sized sea bead trembles, and his long dark brown hair is completely tied up. He wears a dark gray luxurious star master robe made of magic whale skin. Layers of light blue vapor rise from time to time like waves, and a tidal surge of energy waves silently emanates, which is very magical. I've seen my father. As soon as I saw the middle-aged star teacher, this day has been sent by yuan yuan to be a fireman, first killed Wei to make the deputy castellan in the front, and forced his uncle to set Changbo in the back, but also forced to agree to assist Viscount Xu to sit on the castellan's position against his will, it is a little Duke who has accumulated a belly of indignation, suddenly his expression changed, like a child who just woke up, completely restored calm and calm. The fear hidden in the irascibility also disappeared. This middle-aged star teacher is the father of the Little Duke of Dingjiang Mountain and the first person of the whole Dongping Principality, the Grand Duke of Dingjiang Storm. Jiangshan, why are you? The Grand Duke opened his eyes, lowered his head slightly, and looked at another blue crystal in front of his seat. Suddenly, the halo fluctuated, showing the head of the little Duke. He looked surprised and said, "Why are you in Nizin City? Aren't you always with that bastard? Why did you suddenly arrive in Nizin City?"? And where is your uncle? While questioning, looking at his son, who looked frightened and somewhat out of his mind, the Grand Duke suddenly felt a strong sense of uneasiness in his heart, as if something unbearable had happened. With a bitter smile, Ding Jiangshan sent yuan yuan riding a blue dragon ten thousand miles a day to raid the city of Nijin, thus discovering the rebellious acts of the castellan Ding Changbo, such as perverse acts and colluding with the sea people, thus forcing Ding Changbo to kill himself on the spot and narrate them one by one. Without saying a word, Dingfeng listened in silence, but he was still able to keep calm. He slowly drank the wine in the glass cup and savored the sour taste. He said, "Your uncle is a good man. He deserves to be the son and grandson of my family. He has a kind of country. You must remember that your uncle is willing to die in order to cover our great plans and undertakings. We will really succeed in the future." You must also include him in the main temple of the Yingxian family and accept the sacrifice. Ding Jiangshan was stunned and said hurriedly, "Of course, but father,Inflatable bouncer, what should we do next?"? You know, the city of Nizin is no longer in our hands. As he spoke, Ding Jiangshan coerced yuan yuan to assist Viscount Xu in holding the post of castellan and told him again.

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