Half of the city is bustling

Half of the city is bustling

"Uncle is really a warm-faced and cold-hearted man!"!

"Uncle is really a warm-faced and cold-hearted man!"! Won't you be reluctant to give up when I marry Lan Sheng? She seemed to sneer contemptuously, "Uncle really regards Lan Sheng as a good friend?"? Aren't you afraid that he will be wronged if you leave a woman who loves you to him? He was stunned. "That depends on your self-discipline.". Nuan, you should know what should and what should not. She was desperate. He had a heart of stone. He was not an armchair strategist. He is good at seizing opportunities, and when he is in the right place at the right time, he can really put them into action. Just like now, he had already planned to throw her hot potato to Lan Sheng as a matter of course. In fact, uncle miscalculated, Helan is a good candidate. He and I have our own love, and he doesn't like women. If I marry him, he won't care whether I love him or not. Even if you eat in the same pot, you can still have nothing to do with each other. She calmly sipped her tea and said, "If I had to choose, I would rather be Helan.". Because I don't want to drag Lan Sheng down, I don't have the same amount of love to repay him. If he marries me, he will suffer for a lifetime. He lowered his eyes, and his thick eyelashes covered the pain in his eyes. She doesn't understand. She doesn't know him. He wants to think about her. If she marries Helan, her life will be ruined. She still has a long decades, passion may be extinguished in a flash, when the time comes to regret, who can be responsible for her happiness? "It will be better after a long time, really." He is like a piece of ice, trying to maintain,smart interactive whiteboard, unwilling to let her chisel out cracks. She looked at him derisively. "Will it get better after a long time?"? Is the engagement time between my uncle and sister Zhixian still short? How about now? Do you love her? Or are you married and you can try to love her? What if you don't? You killed another innocent man. He seemed to be forced into a dead corner by her, she Ling Chi him word by word, he was powerless and unable to fight back. He was suddenly disgusted with such disputes, endless debates, suspicions and mutual injuries. He had to cut the Gordian knot, so he said to her with a cold face, "How much do you know about me?"? Are you mad? Am I mad with you? She pursed her lips, and even her heart cooled. Sure enough,smart board whiteboard, he thought she was crazy, and she was a crazy person in his eyes. He can go crazy with her for a while, but he can't go crazy with her for a lifetime. Now the time is up, and he wants out, so he has to get rid of her. Her love is doomed to desolation, which is shocking and tragic. She smiled at him, got up and said, "Well, I'll settle the marriage with Lan Sheng.". If that will set your mind at rest, I'll do as you say. He knew that his words were too serious, and he could not understand himself now. He clearly hoped that she and Lan Sheng would make a deal, but when she really agreed, he felt in a trance that the sky was falling. This is what kind of sorrowful psychology! There was a moment when he was afraid, and he had an irresistible impulse to take her to a place where no one could find her and confine her for a lifetime. Don't let her have another man in her life, only him, electronic board for classroom ,smart board interactive whiteboard, let her love him all her life. Is this a malicious thought? He/she winced. He was never a good man. There was something sinister in his bones that no one knew, but he was lying in wait before he met her. Now, when the stakes are at stake and life and death are at stake, he pours out all at once, and even he himself feels terrible. She was standing there, about giving him one last chance. He forced himself to turn his face away and made a gesture of unmoved. He heard her sigh a little and then move toward that other side of the parlor. He closed his eyes, as if he had been defeated like a mountain, the situation was gone, and his life was only an empty shell. Chapter 111 sound break. The matter of Bu Nuan and Lan Sheng has been approved by the Bu family, and the betrothal gifts have been negotiated. The matchmaker was readily available, and Helan was happy to act as a go-between. Because it is not good to make public, the gift only used the token, and agreed to wait for the cloth warm service to be full, then the three media and six hired formally came to the door. Overnight, Bu Nuan and Lan Sheng became an unmarried couple. In the future, everything has nothing to do with him, and what he can do, Lan Sheng can also do. He stood in the corner and looked at the room full of joy, which finally helped them. He should be relieved and happy, but he could not laugh. The five internal organs were riddled with holes, and when he took a breath, his whole body throbbed, and he felt that he could hardly stand. So he forced a smile on his face and took his leave by worrying about military affairs. His sister was very unhappy-how could she leave as soon as she came! He made all sorts of excuses, and finally persuaded him to quit when the sun was about to set. Bu Nuan and Helan will leave tomorrow. When they heard that he was leaving, they followed the others out to see him off. There is no special expression on his face, standing on the side of Lan Sheng, light, far away. He was no longer the one who sat under the rolling shed and discussed "Peacock Flying Southeast" with him. The clear sky seemed to choke, and he dared not look again. One more look is the bloody reality, the die is cast, but it is not as free as he imagined. Instead, it has fallen from one predicament to another, which is even more painful. He couldn't stop shuddering and realized how vulnerable he was. If he stayed any longer, he would be exhausted, and he was afraid that even his dignity would collapse, so he hastily said goodbye and stepped on his mount and left. Non-stop all the way, the wind blows the brain, the next day before dawn to the general office. Entering the door, his face was not good, and before he could go to Wodan Garden to pay his respects to the old lady, he plunged into the Bamboo Branch Hall. There was no sleep at all, so I set up a straight window and looked out. On the shore was the towering Yanbo Tower. The rising sun hit the white walls and grey tiles, looking through the water vapor, bright and charming eyes. On such a bright morning, it's a pity that she's not here. Perhaps out of the palace also come back to live for a while, but before long, will go into the princess mansion, marry Lan Sheng,digital interactive whiteboard, do her blue lady. He propped his head on his hands and his temples throbbed. His life was a joke. For the first time, he fell in love with his niece. Now that she's made a promise, he's tearing his heart out here. He finally lost everything and became a poor man and a loser. I can't do anything except look at things and miss people like an abandoned woman. hsdsmartboard.com

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