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So he said, "Brother, I think you and I are very predestined.

So he said, "Brother, I think you and I are very predestined. Not only do you look like a friend of mine in the past, but also your hobbies are very similar to mine." Still holding the rabbit cage, he stared at him in a daze. Suddenly, in a slight trance and very rudely, he stretched out his finger and rubbed it gently against the dimples on his left cheek. He whispered, "You are.." For no reason? His voice was a little low, as if it were stuck in his throat, and his words were not very clear, but they were just enough for Shi to hear for no reason. Shi was stunned for a moment, stepped back, looked carefully at the man in front of him, suddenly opened his eyes wide, then suddenly raised his hand and punched Bai Li on the shoulder. Bai Li was caught off guard and was pushed back half a step by his punch. Damn it, you're not dead! Shi unconsciously learned Meng Zhongyong's tone for no reason, "I thought." I thought.. Bai Li didn't know what to say. He just felt as if his chest was propped up by something. He gently clasped Shi's hand holding his collar for no reason. Bai Li lowered his eyes, and his eyes were hidden in the shadows. Then Shi saw for no reason that Bai Li seemed to smile, and he smiled very lightly, as if he had walked a long way, all the way through the wind, frost, rain and snow, and when his heart was numb with cold,fake blossom tree, he looked up and suddenly found the cabin with a small stove when he came. However, he was so excited that he had no other energy to distinguish the subtle expression of Bai Li. Being bumped on the shoulder by a man who was going to the market, Shi pulled back his hand with a little discomfort for no reason and said, "Come on, let's talk in a quiet place." When he lifted his feet to go, he remembered something. Pointing to the cage in Bai Li's hand, he said, "I won't stand on ceremony if it's you. That thing is a little silly. After all, it's the rabbit I raised. Give it to me." "I know." Bai Li said that his voice was still a little astringent,outdoor ficus tree, as if he was not used to it. With a slight cough, he reached out to open the cage, lifted the fat rabbit out of it, and said, "He has the smell of your Jiulu Mountain on his body. I can feel it." Strange to say, the rabbit seemed to be silly. He was held by his ears and did not even struggle. He just curled up his front paws and looked at Bai Li foolishly with his rabbit teeth. Just then, a dark shadow suddenly flashed behind Bai Li, and the money was thrown into the stall owner's hand. Shi was stupefied for no reason, but before he could see who the shadow was, Bai Li suddenly turned his head, lowered his voice, and said coldly, "If you follow me one more step, I'll kill you." Ah? Shi frowned imperceptibly for no reason. At that moment, he felt the uncontrollable hostility on Bai Li's body, but only for a moment. When he looked at the past, large palm trees for sale ,faux grass wall, it seemed that everything was his illusion. All these years.. Little Ion, where did he go? The idea flashed through Shi's mind for no reason, but it did not show on his face-although it was a friend, it was many years ago after all, and now that he has not seen him for many years, he has no need to meddle in other people's affairs. Come on, I'll take you to the best restaurant in Guji. Shi said for no reason, then first walked in front, white from one hand carrying the rabbit, followed behind him, and then suddenly took his hand. Shi was stunned for no reason, his fingers curled up subconsciously, and then he felt that Bai Li's hand was a little cold, even his palm was cold. He was really embarrassed. What was the matter with two big men pulling and pulling in the street? As he drew back quietly, he looked back at Bai Li. Bai Li was no longer the silent and good-looking little girl who followed him in the Cangyun Valley, nor the young man who was tied to the pillar with an indifferent and stubborn face. He seemed to have grown up, with broad shoulders and narrow waist, but the features of the fox clan on his face were so thin that people could hardly see them. Shi thought for no reason, probably because he was a man, he became tough and many lines broke the soft and charming temperament of the fox clan. Only those eyes, vaguely unchanged. Shi Wudan remembers that when Bai Li was a child, he liked to follow him like this in places where it was not easy to walk or where there were others. He lowered his head, held his palm in his cold hand, and hung his eyes low, as if he was serious about walking. Why does he still look like this when he grows up? Shi did not know whether to laugh or cry for no reason. Yes, ten years is a long time for people. It's just a snap of a finger for the demon clan. I'm afraid this boy is not much older than that year. So thinking, the heart will be soft down, also let him pull to go. Shi took Bai Li straight to a restaurant for no reason. Bai Li watched him order with ease and asked, "Do you live in this place?" "Give us two more taels of yellow wine." Shi ordered the waiter for no reason and said casually, "No, I just arrived a few days ago." Bai Li sat opposite, looked at him deeply for a moment, and said softly, "You.." Something is different. "Why, is it better or worse?" Shi asked with a smile. "Whatever you do." Bai Li said frankly, and then asked, "I'll go." Xuanzong looked for you, but you weren't there. When he said, "Whatever you do," Shi felt a jump in his heart for no reason. He couldn't help looking up at him. Inexplicably, he remembered that when he was a child, he mistook men for women and pulled others to be his daughter-in-law. He couldn't help thinking with some uneasiness that he couldn't distinguish between men and women after so many years? "I have been away from Xuanzong for several years." Shi Wuduan paused, as if he didn't know where to start. The waiter brought up the food and wine. He poured the wine for Bai Li, perfunctorily, and finally said, "I won't go back again-but you didn't go back to Cangyun Valley to have a look?"? You made such a big noise with your mother. "She is not my mother." Bai Li said, but his face was flat, Shi Wuduan's hand paused, and Bai Li said, "Bai Ziyi is really not my mother, and I didn't know it until later." Without saying a word for no reason, Shi sat down opposite him and waited quietly for the other to go on. When he looked at Bai Li again, he remembered that he really had never seen his fox body. Even when he was beaten back to his original shape by the sky,silk cherry blossom tree, Bai Li was just an ordinary child, but with a pair of fox ears, was it difficult for him to see that his fox blood was not pure. hacartificialtree.com

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