Seek the way of immortals

Seek the way of immortals

The Thief of Rebirth | Breaking the Sky | Mortal Xiuxian Biography | Devouring the Starry Sky | Evil King

The Thief of Rebirth | Breaking the Sky | Mortal Xiuxian Biography | Devouring the Starry Sky | Evil King of the Other World | Very Pure and Ambiguous | Golden Pupil | Immortal Inverse | Eternal Life | Cover the Sky Update Time: 2009-1-5 0:01:37 Words in this chapter: 3982 Jiuhua's back hill, at this time and Xu Qingfan's memory of the appearance has not changed at all, is still so quiet and peaceful, as if not affected by the chaos of the front hill, green shade, bluestone everywhere, cool breeze, a paradise look. Seeing the still quiet appearance of the back hill, Xu Qingfan, who came in a hurry, could not help but relax in his heart. It seems that the change of Jiuhua has not affected the back hill, and Tinger should have nothing to do now, right? Xu Qingfan, while flying, thought to himself in his heart. But although the heart is so think, but Xu Qingfan's imperial flight speed is not reduced but increased, because although Tinger may not be all right, but Xu Qingfan's yearning for home and Tinger has not been reduced at all, after reducing the worry,bottle blowing machine, this yearning has become more intense. Xu Qingfan has lived in the back mountain for decades, and is very familiar with the roads here. After flying with all his strength, he arrived at the location of his own cave house in the back mountain in a few minutes. But the scene in front of him surprised Xu Qingfan. I saw Xu Qingfan two years ago, the layout of the "ternary array", but at this time has disappeared, but is a mess on the ground. Without the white fog blocking the array, Xu Qingfan can now clearly see the situation of the two wooden houses where he has lived for decades. But see two wooden houses, the smaller one wooden house has been destroyed in one corner! The smaller wooden house is the room that Xu Qingfan gave to Tinger! Could it be that Tinger had an accident after all in the Jiuhua Rebellion? Think of here. Xu Qingfan did not delay any longer and developed the speed to the extreme. In an instant,PET blowing machine, he dodged into Tinger's room, only to find that everything in the room was very normal except for the corner of the destroyed floor. The furniture did not fall to the ground, the tables and chairs were still in place, and even the bedding was folded very neatly. In this room, except for the corner of the destroyed room, only Ting was missing. Although Xu Qingfan was very worried about Tinger's safety at this time, he still forced himself to calm down, after so much wind and rain. Xu Qingfan knew that anxiety had no effect at this time, and he could only let himself miss the original opportunity. After forcing himself to calm down, Xu Qingfan began to carefully consider the possibility of the whole thing happening. The corner of the ruined room was about by the door. Xu Qingfan crouched down to investigate carefully and found that the destroyed place was blackened, apparently destroyed by fire. But inside, there is still a trace of magic gas fluctuation, which is obviously the scene caused by the unique black magic fire of Tinger. And except for this place. Other places are not a trace of abnormality, PET bottle Mold ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, apparently Tinger found someone came in, the display of black magic fire attack, but not only did not hurt people, but was the other side instantly stopped. s Although Tinger has only been cultivated in the middle of Qi refining up to now, she is not only able to display the powerful black magic fire, but also gifted. Her control of Taoism is superb. Even Xu Qingfan ten years ago was slightly inferior. In addition, after being transformed by magic beads, her six senses became extremely keen. To be able to control others in an instant, at least there must be the cultivation of the later period of Bigu. Above the late stage of Bigu, there are three realms: the period of spiritual silence, the period of making elixir, and the period of Mahayana. Xu Qingfan first ruled out the result of the Mahayana master's action. Although the "three-element array" he set up before was not a great array, its power was not bad, and it was blessed by a special array plate, which greatly enhanced its power. Therefore, unless it was a master of the Mahayana period, no one could break the array silently. But the master of the Mahayana period. Even in the whole realm of cultivating immortals, it is extremely rare. At present, there are only more than ten people known, plus those hermits, there are no more than fifty. And in Jiuhua Mountain, the last immortal cultivator in the realm of a great master passed away five hundred years ago. So it's basically impossible to be a master. And even if there is a Mahayana master. With their arrogance, they will never put down their status to a little girl. And from the room was destroyed, Tinger must have found out when someone broke the array. Then think of the original "ternary array" of the periphery of a mess. Xu Qingfan settled down slightly, because since the man had to fight so hard to break the array, it proved that he did not have the cultivation of the Dan period. Because if it is Jiedan period of the master to break the array, although it can not be silent, but it can definitely be clean and neat. In this way, Xu Qingfan can basically judge that people have the cultivation of spiritual silence. Xu Qingfan breathed a sigh of relief at the thought of this, because if it was only the immortals in the period of spiritual silence, Xu Qingfan was confident that Tinger would be snatched back intact. Although Xu Qingfan is only a monk in the middle period of spiritual silence, whether it is Taoism or instruments, or combat experience, it is much better than ordinary monks in the period of spiritual silence, not to mention that Xu Qingfan has such secret weapons as "Wutong Branch". Seeing that there was no evidence to be found in the room, Xu Qingfan strode out of the room, not even looking at Yue Qingru's cemetery, thinking only about where the man would take Tinger. Since the corner of Tinger's room that was destroyed still had spiritual fluctuations, it was obvious that it was not a long time before someone came to take Tinger away. But for those who cultivate immortals in the period of spiritual silence, this period of time is not long enough to travel a hundred miles. What's more, Xu Qingfan doesn't even know the direction of the people leaving now. Just as Xu Qingfan was about to perform "floating flowers" to find out if there were any clues within a radius of ten miles, the movements on his hands suddenly stopped, because he clearly heard a sound coming from another larger wooden house just now. That's the room where Xu Qingfan has been living. Could it be that the man was hiding in another room and had not had time to leave? After hearing the sound, Xu Qingfan rushed to his room quickly,Beverage packing machine, and at the same time, he input Reiki into the "Green Spirit Arm Shield". A small blue dragon began to appear and surround Xu Qingfan's body, in case the people in the room suddenly attacked him.

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