Born in a prominent family 1-308

Born in a prominent family 1-308

Wen Yi looked at her lightly and smiled. "Since the sixth sister wanted to laugh at me,

Wen Yi looked at her lightly and smiled. "Since the sixth sister wanted to laugh at me, the younger sister also asked her what you would do if such a thing happened to her." Wen Hui was stunned. "What happened?" Wen Yi stared at the window in front of her and said faintly, "First I was half forced to kiss by my aunt, but there was no follow-up. A few months later, news came that my aunt was looking at other people.." She turned her eyes back to Wen Hui's face and said, "If my sister had met such a thing, would she have been able to take it as it is?!" Wen Hui clapped her hands on the table, and Liu Mei stood on end: "Of course not!"! Why?! Then he was stunned, but he understood what Wen Yi meant. He curled his lips and said, "This is not the same thing.." Wen Yi said, "It's not the same thing, but it also shows my sister's difficulties.". The elder sister please think, the younger sister asks oneself does not have a mistake, is always well-behaved, the marriage is also obeys the elder's arrangement. But How can I not ask when I have been bullied by my aunt of the same race?! She lowered her eyes. "The marriage was brought up by the Liu family. As soon as they left, there was no news for months. It's a matter of life. Can I not worry?"? Besides, if the Liu family goes back on its word, the reputation of the Gu family will also be damaged, and people who don't know will hear about it, but they don't know how to arrange it! "It doesn't matter if I'm alone. I'm afraid my grandmother will be sad when she hears it,ultrasonic extraction cbd, and it will also bring trouble to Wen Mu's name!" Wen Hui opened her mouth and remembered what had happened to her, so she could not say anything more. Wen Yi went on to say, "The Gu and Liu families were close relatives. When my aunt came back from the capital, she must have known something about the Liu family.". I wanted to find out one or two things, but I wanted to alarm my grandmother, which would make her tired and worried. But without my grandmother, who else in my family can make decisions for me? You have to have the cheek to turn around and ask about it. Of course I knew it was against the rules,ultrasonic cutting machine, but it was a matter of life and had a lot to do with my family's reputation, so I had no choice but to do it. She looked up at Wen Hui with a wry smile. "I lost my parents when I was young. Naturally, I can't compare with my elder sister. I have my parents and elder brothers to plan for you.". Grandmother is already old, I can't share her worries, I am unfilial, how can I make her sad for something that has not yet been decided? Wen Hui racked her brains shyly and then said, "I'm just joking, but you've refuted such a big call, and your eyes are red, so people can see that it's like I'm bullying you.." Only then did Wen Yi realize that the corners of her eyes were wet. She quickly took out her veil and wiped it off. "I also have feelings," she said with a smile. After a pause, "I wouldn't have said that to her if it were anyone else.". It is precisely because the sixth sister is Frank and eager for justice that I have the courage to complain. My sister just thought she didn't hear it and forgot it. She sighed faintly: "The third aunt's status is noble, and the Liu family is also a distinguished family. They are the only ones who pick people. How dare anyone take them seriously?"? Naturally, their family felt that whichever was good, Ultrasonic nano dispersion ,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, they would get close to it, and another day they felt that the person was not good, so they didn't have to say hello, so they went to find someone else. How dare we girls from small families complain? "I'm not a girl from a small family!" Wen Hui screamed in her heart. She knew that the third aunt took a fancy to herself and wanted to give herself to Liu Dongning. Before she saw Zhu Jingcheng, she also thought so. Although she changed her mind later, Liu Dongning's infatuation with her was always in her eyes. Now although she was punished to go to the nunnery for half a year, she asked herself that there was nothing wrong with it, but she was reckless and unlucky. She would be more cautious in the future, but in the matter of marriage, only she disliked Liu Dongning, and there was no reason for Liu Dongning to dislike her! Even if others slander her, even Liu Dongning, who knows the truth, dares to dislike her, dream! Wen Hui was so angry that she patted the table heavily again: "Don't give up on yourself!"! You are the daughter of our family, how can you be bullied?! You can rest assured that I will help you out of this tone! Wen Yi hurriedly said, "Sister is talking nonsense again. His family knows about the robbery. Why do you bother to annoy the third aunt? If she talks nonsense outside regardless, how can you stay in Beijing?!" "What are you afraid of?" Wen Hui raised her neck. "I have a clear conscience. Are you still afraid of her?!" Wen Yi advised her, "You are not afraid of her, but you have to prevent her from talking nonsense and damaging your reputation. It will be difficult for you to have a good marriage in the future.". Sister has always been a wise man, how do not understand this truth?! It's important to endure the anger for a while in order to have a good future. Wen Hui listened, but calmed down a few minutes, thought Zhao Zhu Jingcheng, secretly nodded. When she's done.. It's not too late to breathe again. She glanced at Wenyi. Eyes with some color of approval: "Nine younger sister rest assured, I will not forget you." When it's done, I'll make decisions for you! Wenyi was amused, but she was afraid that she would make trouble again. He answered at random. After a while, the sky darkened, the boat gradually slowed down, and the boatman saw a small town not far away. He informed the housekeeper and reported that he was going to dock at the dock of the town. Jiang Shi answered. Slowly the boat passed, but there was chaos on the shore, and a large group of people gathered noisily on the dock. Looks like he's looking for someone. Chapter 109 someone in distress. Most of the men were dressed in the same color, some with sticks in their hands, others with thick hemp ropes, and they were so noisy that they were about to fight with the people of several boats on the shore. The steward saw it from a distance and worried that there would be trouble, so he hurriedly told the boatman to stop tens of feet offshore and go to report to Chiang himself. Chiang didn't think it was a big deal. "We're officials and dependents, and we're from outside. We have nothing to do with the locals. Why should we be afraid of them?"! At the worst, take the master's post to see the person in charge of the town, or go directly to the magistrate of Qingzhou to see if they dare to act foolishly! The biggest city near here was Qingzhou, where the magistrate happened to be a relative of a minor official under Master Gu. When she left the capital, she had heard about it from her husband, so she didn't care about a few local snakes. Old Lady Yu, however, disagreed and said,ultrasonic spray nozzle, "You can't say that. As the saying goes, a strong dragon does not suppress a local snake. Look at the clothes of those people. They are all the same color. Nine times out of ten, they are slaves of rich and powerful families.". The big family near Qingzhou has also produced several characters. Why bother to get into trouble with them for a little thing?! 。

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