Right to be forgotten

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GDPR and data from councilors and speakers


The questions regarding the GDPR that have now been answered concern council members' data on the website and the broadcasting of speakers at the council meeting.

Several clerks have asked which information from councilors may now be published on the website. We received the following answer from the AVG helpdesk of the VNG:

“Council members are representatives of the population, they fulfill a public function. In view of this function, accessibility for councilors is an important point. Council members will want to be aware of signals from society and therefore want to be accessible to the local population. Publication of name makes sense in this light in any case; publication of accessibility data is necessary for the functioning of the council. The next question is which accessibility data can then be published right to be forgotten UK Law.

After all, address and place of residence, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are personal data. These can be traced back to a natural person and their publication on the internet is seen as processing personal data. Publication must be balanced against the right to protection of the personal data of data subjects. The privacy legislation requires that there is a justification for the lawful processing of personal data. Publication of private accessibility data is only possible if your councilors have given their unambiguous permission for this (article 8 preamble and under a of the Personal Data Protection Act or article 6 paragraph preamble and under a of the General Data Protection Regulation).

If they prefer not to grant this permission, the visiting address of the municipality or a joint e-mail address at the municipality (for example at the registry) and a work telephone number or a combination of these could be stated instead of private accessibility data. data. Councils therefore make various choices in this regard.”

The question what to do with recording and broadcasting speakers during the council meeting, the answer is the following:

This can be done, for example, by putting up a clear sign at the start of the council meeting or by means of an announcement with the public notice of a meeting. Speakers at the council meeting can be informed via the consultation form that the council meeting will be broadcast live."