Jagex is at work to develop the new Necromancy skill

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The procedure described by Jagex the process could take some time OSRS gold before the new feature makes the transition to Old School Runescape. With enough time and collaboration this new feature could be an outstanding enhancement in the games. It's only time to see that, and the game of the beginning of 2000 has plenty of time spare. RuneScape 3 has announced that players can build forts on their own with the coming update. Forts owned by players will be the first major update for RuneScape 3 to be released in 2023.

2023 is expected to be a busy year in RuneScape 3. Jagex is at work to develop the new Necromancy skill, which is the first since the introduction of 2020's Archaeology. This hasn't been a smooth year for Jagex as many gamers are unhappy with the delay on RuneScape 3's new Avatar Refresh update. There's ample time Jagex to rectify the situation. The game is now twenty-two years old RuneScape 3 remains one of the most played MMOs in the world.

The new update, codenamed "Fort Forinthry" will permit players to construct a strategically designed fort inside the Wilderness and will be built from the initial blueprint phase. Additionally, forts owned by players will give players an opportunity to learn the construction skill that hasn't seen any major changes since its inclusion in the year 2006. The update promises new lore with deep roots that involve evil forces from the Wilderness. It's unclear if buy RS gold this lore is connected to the coming Necromancy skill in any way but Jagex has a track record for the skill.