Comparing Natural Stone and Artificial Stone

Comparing Natural Stone and Artificial Stone

If you are planning a home renovation project or you’re just looking to add something authentic, long-lasting, and utterly beautiful to your home design, then we have a suggestion for your – stone.Get more news about Artificial Stone,you can vist our website!

Decorating your home with stone offers the perfect balance of old and new, natural and modern, and will add extra comfort and belonging to your living space. However, we should note that not all stone veneer is the same. The choice of stone will widely depend on your personal preference and taste, your chosen project, and of course, a few additional important factors.There are two main categories of stone – natural stone and manufactured or artificial stone (it can also be seen under the name veneer stone). Although the manufactured stone industry has evolved drastically over the years and is now the main competitor to natural stone, it is still not enough to replace it. Regardless of you have decided to use stone for exterior cladding, fireplace redesign, or for the creation of a stunning interior stone feature wall, you will need to choose the right material.

In this article, we’ll go through the main differences between natural stone and artificial stone in order to shed some light on the topic and help you make the right choice. What is Natural Stone? Before we go into the factors differentiating real stone from veneer stone, we wanted to define the two.

Starting with natural stone, it is 100% collected directly from the earth, without having anything added or removed from the material. The color you see on natural stone tiles are its pure shades, with no extras.

Depending on the manufacturer, the shape of the stone can be its real and original one but it can also be carved to fit a certain shape, preferred by the client. For example, the shape can be carved into building blocks, stone sheets for wall décor, or flooring tiles. The diversity is rich, offering a solution for every taste.

What is Manufactured Stone? On the other hand, manufactured or an artificial stone is a whole different story. As we mentioned earlier, there are several different names used for manufactured stone that may appear as a bit confusing at first. To quickly review, manufactured stone, artificial stone, veneer stone, and cultured stone all mean the same thing – manmade stone.

Manufactured stone is essentially engineered stone, which is created with the purpose of imitating real stone. Cement, aggregates, and iron oxides are mixed together and processed until they come to a structure that resembles natural stone.

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