Straight to the chase

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Straight to the chase: What would you consider to be your Runescape character's Runescape theme song and why? Also, what can you consider the aforementioned poster Runescape theme tune for OSRS gold their Runescape character and why? You can class your character's theme song depending on the title of the song, the emotion that you receive from the tune, or even the rhythmic feel! My character's theme tune: Distant Land. Reason: (Short wall of text beings, condensed for viewing purposes).

My personality often symbolizes the dark and distilling grief the tune presents. This is mainly because of my character's grayish appearance and general look to match the feel of this song. The mere fact that there's a grinning skull on the platebody (with a sort of gem-encrusted forehead due to the mixing of the amulet) my personality wears should be dead-on together with the aforementioned statements. The tune also has an awareness of brutality (or toughness) within. The pirate-ish look of my personality, alongside the bulky sense of the platebody demonstrates such perfectly. The ability cape my personality conveys is a skill that lots of people as a demanding or brutal skill to obtain. Though this is my new characters look, my older one didn't categorize in these very well.

The song's ever-constant beating tempo refers to the redundancy of the actions that my character always goes through every day, trying to break through the battle and celebrate the hard-earned effort. The song quelling down in the dramatics is the sign of one goal ending and when the song gets dramatic again, a new challenge awaits my doorstep. The calming portion of the song can also signify a rest from the action towards attaining my goal as frequently my character does!

The conclusion of the tune is that the closure of Cheap RS gold all the successful endings of the aims I've created. I feel a sort of frantic-ness in this bit of audio and can relate to it. While obtaining what I need or want there is frequently competition, causing the rush to acquire that source first before anyone else and also scavenge for the said resources.

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