IGMeet Top Fast Gold Farming Ways & Tips in WoW SoD - How to Making more Gold

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Some kinds of fish can cost from 5 up to 30 silver depending on realm rates. Don't forget about upgrading your fishing rod – it will help improve performances!


Farming gold in WoW Season of Discovery can be rewarding, providing you with the currency needed to purchase mounts, gear, consumables, and more. There are numerous methods to accumulate WoW SoD gold, each with its advantages and considerations. In this guide, I will delve into various gold-farming strategies, including professions, farming routes & spots, Auction House tactics, and other lucrative activities.

Grinding Mobs

Repeatedly defeating groups of mobs is a staple method of gold farming. This method has been around since the inception of the game and has remained relatively unchanged. Here’s how grinding mobs aids in making Cheap WOW SoD Gold :

Loot Drops: Mobs drop various items upon defeat, including vendor trash (items that can be sold to vendors for coin), Gray items, and occasionally Green or Blue quality items.

Raw Coin Drops: Mobs have a chance to drop raw coins, adding to your immediate gold gains.

Cloth and Crafting Materials: Many humanoid mobs drop cloth, used by tailors to craft a variety of items. Certain mobs drop crafting materials such as leather, elemental reagents, or other valuable resources that can be sold at the Auction House.


When wondering how to farm gold in WoW Season of Discovery, many players neglect Fishing for some reason. If you belong to this category of people, it is high time to change your mind. Why? Because Fishing is a great source of extra gold and it always stays in great demand among players of all levels.

Different zones and bodies of water contain various types of fish. Common fish include

Raw Brilliant Smallfish;

Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper;

Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish.

Certain fish are in high demand for cooking recipes and consumables. For example, Oily Blackmouth and Firefin Snapper are used in various potions and elixirs, making them valuable commodities.

In zones like The Barrens, players can fish for Deviate Fish. These fish are used to cook Savory Deviate Delight, a consumable that transforms the consumer into a pirate or ninja. Deviate Fish can be sold at a premium due to their unique nature.

Finally, certain zones host fishing contests, such as the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza. Winning these contests can reward you with valuable items, including rare fishing-related equipment and special mounts.

Useful Addons for Gold Making:


Auctionator/Auctioneer/TSM (TradeSkillMaster)


For a more detailed understanding of each gold farming method and their corresponding YouTube and Reddit sources, be sure to check out the guide mentioned earlier. It's a great resource for getting started on your gold making journey in Season of Discovery.

Herbalism & Mining

Herbalism and Mining are great professions for gathering valuable resources from the environment.

Herbalism: Allows you to gather various herbs from herb nodes scattered throughout the game world.

Mining: Allows you to gather various ores from nodes scattered throughout the game world.


Casual players would prefer using professions to gain more money. These tradeskills are considered the most profitable modes of farming SoD gold, so that many players will try their hand at some of these fields. Professions are divided into two categories: Gathering and Crafting skills. Players should consider investing in one tradeskill for each of them to maximize their profitability. Here are the best professions to go for to farm SoD gold:





These three are the best gathering professions because they provide materials for crafting skills that produce items or consumables that are essential for raiding. Herbalism is the best among the three because the amount of consumables and potions that raiders use is never-ending, so that alchemists will need an endless supply of ingredients.

Mining and Skinning are equally profitable because they provide gear crafting materials. The only catch for these professions is that you must farm higher-tier ingredients to ensure they thrive. However, products from these two fields are quickly sold in the marketplace.





Of the three crafting professions, Alchemy is considered the best since gamers need many potions. Most of the player base spends most of their time raiding, so the demand for recovery and buff consumables is high. Blacksmithing and Leatherworking are equal in terms of profitability. However, your earnings will depend on the meta classes. Both trades need to learn the most popular jobs to focus on producing items tailored to them.

This guide will assist you in earning substantial gold, affording mounts, enchantments, and gearing up efficiently. If you don’t have enough time to get more gold coins to help you enjoy the game better, you can choose to Buy WOW Classic SoD gold from https://www.igmeet.com/Wow-classic-sod-Gold