Stop Check Valve for sale

Stop Check Valve for sale Stop Check Valve for sale

Stop Check Valve for sale Description 1. Cast iron stop check valve-JIS F7353/7354/7375/7376/7377/7378, Straight/Angle type, FC200 body, bolted bonnet, metal seated screw down check globe valve. 2. Cast iron stop check valve with DIN standard, Straight/Angle type, GG25/GGG40/GGG40.3 body, bronze or stainless steel trim, metal seated screw down no return stop check valve, EN1092 (DIN2501) flange. Application Start/stop and throttling of the medium in the pipe. Due to the low friction between the sealing surfaces during the process of operation, durable, easy to be manufactured, convenient on maintenance and so on. It is widely used in the system of petrochemical industry, shipbuilding industry, oil platform, desalination of sea water. Date Sheet JIS-F7353 PressureDNLHDD1bnd0D0 5K5021027013010516415160 6525029015513018415180 8028030018014518419180 10034035020016520819224 12541038023520020819250 15048043026523022819280 20057050532028024823315 250740620385345261223355 300840715430390281223400 350940815480435301225500 4001050905540495301625560 JIS-F7354 PressureDNL1HDD1bnd0D0 5K5010024013010516415160 6511524515513018415180 8013025518014518419180 10015030020016520819224 12517032023520020819250 15019036526523022819280 20022042532028024823315 250275510385345261223355 300310585430390281223400 350360660480435301225500 400395730540495301625560 450440835605555301625630 500485915655605322025710 550530985720665322027800 JIS-F7375 PressureDNLHDD1bnd0D0 10K5022028515512020419160 6527030517514022419200 8030031518515022819200 10035036021017524819250 12542041025021024823280 15049045528024026823315 200570530330290261223355 JIS F7376 PressureDNL1HDD1bnd0D0 10K5012025515512020419160 6513026017514022419200 8014027018515022819200 10016030521017524819250 12518035025021024823280 15020539028024026823315 200230450330290261223355 JIS F7377 PressureDNLHDD1bnd0D0 16K5022028515512020819160 6527030517514022819200 8030033520016024823224 10035037522518526823250 12543044027022526825315 150500500305260281225355 JIS F378 PressureDNL1HDD1bnd0D0 16K5012025515512020819160 6513026017514022819200 8015029020016024823224 10017032022518526823250 12520037527022526825315 150225425305260281225355 DIN-467001/2-100 PNDNLHDD1D2bnd0D0 161513016595654516414100 20150165105755816414100 25160175115856816414100 321801801401007818418100 402002201501108818418140 5023023016512510220418140 6529024518514512220418180 8031029520016013822818200 10035033022018015824818200 12540036525021018826818250 15048042028524021226822300 DIN-467101/2-100 PNDNLHH1DD1D2bnd0D0 1615901739095654516414100 209517395105755816414100 25100173100115856816414100 321051901051401007818418100 401152251151501108818418140 5012523512516512510220418140 6514524614518514512220418180 8015527415520016013822818200 10017530317522018015824818200 12520031020025021018826818250 15022536022528524021226822300 Advantage 1. Extensive production experience: We are committed to producing valves with the experience more than 30 years and we have DNV.GL foundry approval. 2. Complete production facilities: Owning professional molding line, dozens of engine lathe, CNC machine center, numerical control machine tools, milling and drilling machine, pressure test equipment. Our technicians will do regular scheduled maintenance on these machines to guarantee them work well. 3. Higher Quality: We have a Bruker spectrometer, universal testing machine, impact testing machine, brinell hardness tester to ensure the raw material and castings meet the requirement of product design, standard and process. 4. Customized according to client鈥檚 requirements: We have our own RD team and we can do almost all kinds of valves both in standard or non-standard. We have our own molds development department to meet all the design requirements from clients. 5. Safe packing: antirust, dampproof and shockproof protection. Our Services 1. Pre-sale service: 24-hours online service, providing professional technical support, send product catalog, personal call or visit are warmly welcome 2. Sale of service: We promise honest and fair, it's our pleasure to serve you as your purchasing consultant. We will give video and photos to show to clients about production status. 3. After-sale service: One year warranty. All after-sale request will be replied within 24 hours FAQ Q1: Payment Terms and Trade terms? A1: L/C, T/T, D/P and so on. In according with Incoterms 2010, normally with EXW, FOB shanghai, CFR, CIP, CIF. Q2: Do u have any classification society certification? A2: We have DNV.GL foundry approval and others are also on application. Q3: What is the MOQ? A3: Small diameter valves is 10pcs/model, large diameter valves is 1pcs/model, if you have special requirements, please communicate with us.Stop Check Valve for sale website:

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