function of cyclone before use note:

function of cyclone

1. The left knob of the pulse control instrument controls the opening degree of the blower solenoid valve. The left rotation is small and the right rotation is large. Right knob control pulse back blowing time, left for short, right for long, generally adjusted to about a minute (see the table to adjust the time), usually two knob position are located in about 450 right.

2. Start the dust collector before starting the shredder.

3. In the work of dust collector, start the unloader 5~10 minutes before stopping each shift to finish the ash discharge. A section of soft cloth drum should be connected to the mouth of the ash pipe near the belt to let the dust flow slowly on the belt to prevent secondary dust.

4, manual valve clockwise rotation for closing, counterclockwise rotation for opening.

5. The driver is responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of the dust collector. And make the dust collector operation record.

6. Open the pulse controller and start the dust collector.

7. Before starting the dust collector in each shift, check the oil level of the centrifugal fan unloader, the oil level of the fan bearing box, and check whether the anchor and fastening bolts are loose. Check whether the air valve of the pipeline is in the set switch position. Check that the knob of the function of cyclone controller is properly positioned.

8. The electric valve pointer is open at 900, and the pointer is closed at 00.

function of cyclone

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