KNCTR Alternatives

KNCTR Alternatives

There are various free PC to phone faxing Apps, which we have mentioned in our previous post on CorVoip. Lets us compare some of the faxing apps with KNCTR.

1. Goggle Voice: This is also one of the best PC to land line or mobile faxing app, in this you can make free fax on iphone and send text and you can also do free conference with the help of Google Voice. KNCTR only have faxing features, but it’s not way behind, it helps you to get daily updates and gossips that Goggle Voice Doesn’t have.

2. VoipBuster: Another free faxing App is VoipBuster, which allows you to make faxs in US, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, and most of the Europe. But in KNCTR you can only make faxs to USA and Canada. Minutes in ViopBuster is limited, but we get unlimited faxing minutes in KNCTR.

As we have compared in above paragraph about other free faxing app with KNCTR, we can conclude that there are features that KNCTR does not have, which are available in other apps. At the same time KNCTR have connection of Facebook and Twitter, which are not available in other apps. So just start installing the KNCTR app on your desktop and make faxs to USA and Canada for free, along with entertaining yourself with interesting gossips.

TextNow vs Republic Wireless

Republic wireless is a service that runs off from Wi-Fi, if you are not connected to the Wi-fi it uses Sprint’s network for sending your messages. Unlimited voice, unlimited texting, and data services for just $19 per month. Entire service runs with the help of net, so if your net is faster you get good fax quality.

- With republic wireless you get everything unlimited. There are no limits on anything whatsoever.
- Republic wants a start up amount of $19 and TextNow needs $18.99. The difference of investment is just $0.1, so it does not make any difference in the rate even though a penny saved is a penny earned.
- For enjoying the TextNow services you need to buy Samsung Nexus S mobile from them, which will cost you around $89 or you can choose to go with Galaxy S II for$119. For Republic wireless you need to have Motorola DEFY XT for $249.
- In both TextNow and Republic wireless you can make 911 (emergency) faxs.
- Best part of both plans is that, you can cancel their plan when ever you want.
- There are too many similarities in TextNow and Republic wireless like, using your own phone, sharing of pictures and videos etc, difference is only in the price of just $0.1.

Finally, to summarize, all this services are best to fax nationally or even internationally through your personal PC to phone numbers. The only limitation is their restriction on the fax minutes. You can fax to any number in US or Canada. Enjoy faxing with these services and let us know how you feel about PC to phone faxing services.

So, start using TextNow for free and send unlimited messages to your Relatives and love ones. Enjoy faxing and texting.

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