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Junmei is a universal auto wiring harness supplier, here are various automotive wiring harness, if you want to custom made automotive wiring harness, please contact us.

Automotive wiring harnesses are designed to be resistant to heat in order to protect the electrical circuits from damage. The insulation on the wires is typically made from a material that can withstand high temperatures, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The wire gauge and thickness of the insulation is also increased in order to further improve heat resistance.

heat resistant automotive wiring harness

Parameters of Heat resistant automotive wiring harness

Test:Professional breakthrough and pull test before shipment

Cable material:Harnesses can be UL/CSA, CE, VDE, SAA, CB, etc.

Cable color, length:According to customer requirements

Insulation:Rubber, silica, polyethylene, teflon, etc.

Connector and Terminal Types:OEM or replacement

Application:Automotive, Electrical, Industrial

Minimum order quantity:200

Sample:First confirmed samples before mass production

Certificate:ISO9001-2015,IATF16949-2016,CE, etc.

Delivery time:7-20 days

Serve:OEM and ODM, we accept customized according to your requirements

Benefits of heat resistant automotive wiring harness

1. Heat resistant automotive wiring harness helps to protect the wiring from damage due to heat exposure. 

2. Heat resistant automotive wiring harness can prevent fires from starting in the event of an electrical short circuit. 

3.  Heat resistant automotive wiring harness can extend the life of the wiring by protecting it from deterioration caused by heat. 

4.  Heat resistant automotive wiring harness can improve the performance of electronic components by keeping them cooler during operation.

Heat resistant automotive wiring harness supplier - JUNMEI

Dongguan Junmei Electronics Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of automotive low voltage wiring harness, which are used in the manufacturing fields of new energy vehicles, household appliances, medical equipment, and mechanical equipment.  

In the case of increasingly fierce market competition, the company adheres to the guiding ideology of "people-oriented, technology-first, active innovation, rapid development, credit market, management for efficiency" and absorbs international advanced management experience for our company. We have produced and supplied a large number of high-performance wire harness products, and will strive to provide high-performance wire harness products and innovative solutions for various industries in the future.

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