It is actually on the wooden platform the triport

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Staying in the Logging Camp, walk directly west. You’ll pass Adventurer Louis Lost Ark Gold and get to a large snow-covered rock. Here, turn north, and you’ll come to a large axe in a wood stump. Walk a few paces to your left, between the trees, and you’ll see a book on the floor. Read it to conclude part two of the tale.

Finally, you need to head into the Spider Queen’s Lair itself. From the second part, head south out of the Logging Camp and follow the path southeast towards the lair. Take the left turn that goes east and work your way through the spiders, heading northeast. You’ll eventually arrive at the northern end of the lair proper. Once inside, follow the west wall until you see a blackened skull on the floor. Examine in to conclude Tarsila’s Lullaby.

When you arrive in the continent of Rohendel in Lost Ark, you’re essentially arriving in the land of the elves. They may be called Sylvain here, but all the tropes are on show — slender bodies, pointed ears, and a love of nature and magic. And with all this, of course, comes some fantastic vistas for your Adventurer’s Tome.

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There are nine vista locations to find across Rohendel’s six major areas. Some of them are what you’d expect, with fantastical cloud cities and fairy folk in abundance. But the demons have struck here too, casting blight across the land.

Head to the Fairy Village Triport in the centre of the Breezesome Brae area. Despite being right at the triport, this vista location is quite easy to miss due to being surrounded by so much colour.

It is actually on the wooden platform the triport is on buy Gold Lost Ark, on the southern side between the two wooden bridges heading southeast and southwest.

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