Alhaitham in Genshin Impact Relies on His Team Comp

In the times leading up to the playable debut of Alhaitham in Genshin Impact, the accusations of him as being a Dendro version of Keqing flew around the Internet. Even after his official release, the slander didn't die down. However, if a person actually spends time building and play

To call Alhaitham “Dendro Keqing” is much like calling Xiangling “Pyro Fischl,” simply because their Skills are turrets. Alhaitham is an excellent reaction-based DPS. Granted, he can be difficult to get out of the gate. His damage really depends upon whether or not you can set up a Deepwood Memories bot for him. It’s not essential but there’s a clear difference in the numbers. The rotation you take him with matters too. Resource managing together with his Mirrors – his meat and bread like a DPS – can also be vital, mainly due to the horrendously long cooldown on his Elemental Skill. Alhaitham can be quite powerful when you figure him out, but for now, he can be underwhelming.

What makes Alhaitham fantastic is you really do not need Constellations. You also don’t have to level up his Burst Talent! His Burst is really a fast method of getting Mirrors instead of an actual supply of damage. So you can save your helpful information on other Talents or characters until you’re bored. Moreover, his great Dendro application makes him great for Spread or Bloom/Hyperbloom teams. I have the world’s worst luck with Artifacts. But despite my terrible Alhaitham, his powerful Dendro reactions could pay off the latter Abyss floors. It’s more because of my Xingqiu and Kazuha than anything, though.

Figuring out a rotation for Alhaitham is among the most difficult parts of actually using him. Unlike characters like Xiao or Ganyu who can get away with literally anybody, Alhaitham’s potential heavily depends on his teammates. I operate a hodgepodge team of Spread and Hyperbloom reactions. But choosing one reaction and concentrating on that is far better. Alhaitham also offers no interruption resistance, so a shielder like Zhongli or Xingqiu (who coincidentally might help in a Bloom or Hyperbloom team) is perfect. Honestly, based on how important your team comp is within mining Alhaitham, he's tons of support or sub-DPS options.

Now, many people may not worry about the “meta” inside a PvE game. That’s totally fair. So how is Alhaitham like a character in the lens of the casual Genshin Impact player? Well, friend, I have good news: he’s still fantastic. Alhaitham is fun to make use of, too as fun to check out. His Elemental Skill CD is kind of painful if you want to make use of it to understand more about it. But on the other hand, the animations for his Normal Attacks are extremely sexy. Plus, unlike Zhongli, Alhaitham’s role as a DPS means you’ll be seeing those animations a great deal. I have fun with the Japanese audio, so I hear Yuichiro Umehara each time Alhaitham’s out. This man could insult me and I’d thank him. So whether you’re casual or hardcore, Alhaitham’s first got it going on. Now stop calling him Dendro Keqing.

Genshin Impact is instantly available on PS4, PS5, Windows PC, and cellular devices. Alhaitham is really a limited character in Genshin Impact, and you can only pull from him throughout the Caution in Confidence Character Event Wish.

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