Meet Firefly: New 5-Star Fire Character in Honkai: Star Rail v2.3

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The latest addition to Honkai: Star Rail, Firefly, has been confirmed as a five-star fire character in version 2.3. The game's roster now features a total of seven fire-type units, each with unique skills.

Firefly has been confirmed to be the latest addition to the playable cast of Honkai: Star Rail. This new character will be a five-star fire character, bringing a fresh dynamic to the game in version 2.3. With the inclusion of Gallagher, the roster now boasts a total of seven fire-type units, each with their own distinct skills. These units heavily rely on the burn debuff, which inflicts damage over time. Their roles within the game can vary, with some serving as primary damage dealers while others excel as secondary damage dealers, depending on their unique skills, path, and damage output.

Exciting leaks have surfaced, shedding light on the upcoming Honkai: Star Rail version 2.3. Speculations suggest that Sunday, the elder sibling of Robin, might also make an appearance in the new version. Furthermore, leaks have hinted at the addition of new relic sets and light cones. Players can anticipate the rollout of this new content in early June, coinciding with the conclusion of Honkai: Star Rail's update 2.2.

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