Brawl Stars Update: New Mutations, Godzilla Crossover & Brawlers Revealed!

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Brawl Stars introduces new mutations, a Godzilla-themed event, two new brawlers, hypercharge skin rarity, and monster eggs in the latest Brawl Talk.

Mutations Unleashed in Brawl Stars

A new Brawl Talk for Brawl Stars has just been released, unveiling exciting updates including brand new mutations, a thrilling Godzilla-themed event, the introduction of two new brawlers, a new hypercharge skin rarity, and the intriguing addition of monster eggs. This Brawl Talk is undoubtedly one of the most jam-packed with content, providing a sneak peek into the plethora of new features set to arrive soon.

Mutations in Brawl Stars introduce a fresh limited-time power-up for brawlers, offering substantial enhancements to their abilities. For instance, Grom may receive a mutation allowing him to fire an additional 4 projectiles in an x-shaped pattern, along with an increased super charge. The Brawl Talk hinted at the possibility of mutations lasting for several days, or even weeks.

These mutations have the potential to impact various aspects of a brawler, ranging from their super and ammo to introducing entirely new effects. Throughout this event, there will be a total of 40 different unlockable mutations available for brawlers to acquire. To utilize these mutations, players will need to participate in a game mode with a mutation modifier. Additionally, the modifier icon, represented by a double helix, can be found on the game mode select screen.If you're looking for a new experience in Brawl Stars, the game is adding mutation modes for a limited time during an event. These mutations will offer a different gameplay experience for those interested in trying something new.

The mutations will bring changes to various brawlers, offering a unique twist to their abilities and playstyle. Based on the latest Brawl Talk video, a total of 38 brawlers will have mutations, including popular ones like Bea, Nita, Penny, Max, and more.

To access these mutations, players will have the opportunity to participate in the Godzilla City Smash event. During this event, players can earn monster eggs, which in turn can lead to unlocking mutations and other exciting rewards.

So if you're up for a challenge and want to explore a different side of Brawl Stars, the Godzilla City Smash event is your chance to dive into the world of mutations and unleash new possibilities for your favorite brawlers.From April 29th to May 20th, 2024, Brawl Stars is introducing an exciting collaboration with the legendary Godzilla for a limited time mode known as Godzilla City Smash. In this 3v3 mode, each team is tasked with defending a city, while one player from each team has the opportunity to transform into Godzilla or Mechagodzilla to demolish enemy buildings. The objective is to protect your city while simultaneously destroying your opponent's.

To transform into Godzilla in Brawl Stars, players need to collect gears scattered across the map, similar to the mechanics in the Siege mode. Accumulating enough gears allows players to morph into a destructive monster with 30,000 HP. Monster eggs, which come in different rarities, can be earned by winning matches in City Smash or through daily rewards. These eggs offer a variety of items such as coins, power points, credits, bling, skins, and mutations.

During the Godzilla event, Brawl Stars will also feature a club event called Egg Breakers. Club members can collectively open eggs, contributing to the progress of unlocking a monster egg containing a unique Godzilla Buzz skin. Participation in the event also yields gem rewards, making it advantageous to join a club for a chance to win these enticing prizes.

One of the standout rewards from the Egg Breakers event is the Godzilla Buzz Hypercharge skin. This new skin rarity transforms the brawler during their hypercharge, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay experience.

Brawl Stars: New Hypercharges and Brawlers

Brawl Stars is set to introduce six new hypercharges, each offering exciting enhancements to the gameplay. The upcoming hypercharges include:

  • Brock: Unleashes a barrage of rockets with a wider area of effect.
  • Sandy: Boosts movement speed for both himself and his team within his sandstorm.
  • Nita: Enhances Bruce with additional health and speed.
  • Max: Increases movement speed for teammates and provides a partial charge to their supers.
  • Tick: Accelerates super movement and releases six additional mines after exploding.
  • Gene: Splits his super into three hands instead of one.

In addition to the hypercharges, Brawl Stars is gearing up to unveil two new brawlers – Lily and Draco. Lily, a mythic brawler and part of Cordelius' trio, is a formidable close-range combatant with a potent single-hit attack. Similar to Frank or Ash, her attack necessitates a brief delay before striking, and she possesses only one ammo, albeit with a quick recharge. For her super, Lily unleashes a formidable long-range attack that inflicts substantial damage, while also teleporting her to the adversary, giving her an upper hand in battle.

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