Jiaoqiu's Fiery Debut: Honkai Star Rail Leak Reveals Skills

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The article discusses new details about the character Jiaoqiu in Honkai: Star Rail. Jiaoqiu has unique skills that allow him to afflict enemies with the "flavour" debuff and deal fire damage to multiple targets. The leak has created excitement among fans eagerly awaiting Jiaoqi


In Honkai: Star Rail, each playable character possesses a unique set of skills that can be used by accumulating points through successful basic attacks. These characters are also associated with specific elements and paths, which determine their role within a team.

The game regularly introduces new characters, providing players with more options for team composition. Similar to Genshin Impact, players can obtain these characters through a gacha system, requiring the use of rail passes. Additionally, Honkai: Star Rail features exclusive event banners showcasing newly added units.

A recent leak has surfaced, offering insights into Jiaoqiu's skill set. Jiaoqiu has the ability to afflict enemies with the "flavour" debuff through his basic attack, skill, and ultimate moves, dealing fire damage to multiple targets. His skill also allows him to regenerate extra energy, while triggering his technique and the "flavour" debuff creates a special dimension and reduces the enemy's defense. This leak has certainly piqued the interest of fans eagerly awaiting the arrival of Jiaoqiu in the game.

Oneiric Shard: Usage and Acquisition

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