Career in Information Technology

At some point in your training or career, you will need to determine what kind of work you want to pursue.

We will examine the differences between information technology and computer science. We will also look at the kind of career you can expect with each, and which might be the best option for you based on your skills and work preferences.

While a computer science education isn’t necessary for an IT career, some IT education is fundamental for a computer science degree that later leads to job opportunities. IT can be specialized in many ways, but CS graduates have opportunities immediately available to them that IT-qualified workers do not.

The work environments of these careers can vary widely, too. Most IT professionals work as part of a team in an organization, serving internal needs or working directly with clients. Computer scientists, however, work in businesses, colleges, video game development companies, or as freelancers. Regardless of which path appeals more, there’s plenty of potential for career growth and lucrative job opportunities in both fields.

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