Best standing desks that deserve an ovation

Best standing desks that deserve an ovation

A good standing computer desk can effectively improve your work efficiency and ensure your health.FEZIBO strives to provide ergonomic solutions to our customers for home furnishings and work-life integration problems. Our professional office furniture R&D team listens carefully to the

It was first shown more than 70 years ago that prolonged sitting is bad for our health, when researchers found that double-decker bus drivers were twice as likely to have a heart attack as bus conductors, who spent most of their weekdays in their on the feet. Since then, evidence of the ill effects of being sedentary has grown, and the sit-stand desk, once considered a quirky work habit, is now believed to be the key to helping us live longer, healthier lives .
As flexible working continues to be the norm, more and more people want to have a designated standing desks for their workspace, which can help them transition from one posture to another throughout the day without Interrupt the workflow. So let's think about what a standing desk might need. First, you need a good height range so that you can accommodate everyone who might be using the table, from children to adults. For taller users, the desk needs to be stable, especially at the upper end of its height range; many low-quality desks start wobbling when lifted and you start typing or writing, which isn't good for productivity. The table will have a different lifting mechanism and you need that movement to be smooth and smooth so you can easily and quickly change the table height and transition between standing and sitting without compromising your focus.

Finally, you need a desk to work, which means enough space for a laptop, workbook, monitor, and possibly some greenery, and some standing documents or an open A4 notebook or journal without letting it Feels like you're playing a tabletop Tetris game.

How we test?

We worked at all of these desks for a long time to understand how they function throughout the workday - whereas before we would sit at our desks and then take regular breaks to stand up, for example to answer the phone; now the usage is reversed , we stand most of the time, and then occasionally sit and rest.
We need a height adjustable desk so we don't struggle to change the height while still answering the phone or performing some other work task. We also noticed if the sit-stand mechanism starts to lag, or if it causes any other issues with prolonged use.

The best standing desks for 2022 are:

1.Bamboo standing desk

Made of high quality materials that last - especially sustainably grown and harvested bamboo, it looks great and is very functional. There's plenty of room for your setup too, with a countertop measuring 120cm x 80cm. The motorized lift mechanism is very smooth, using the up and down arrows on the keyboard, and the desk is also one of the most customizable on the market, available in three colors, so you should easily find a tailored configuration to your office space .Bamboo's unique texture is a gift from nature, leading us to embrace nature. Calm down, slow down, and enjoy a life-work balance.

bamboo standing desk

2.Fezibo glass top standing desk

Since they are transparent, glass desks appear lightweight and not bulky. The desk is unobtrusive and adds a touch of minimalism to the room. They come in different styles to complement your interior. Plus, glass desks can be paired with other materials like metal and wood to complement your home office decor. Glass desks are easy to clean compared to wood desks that get dirty and difficult to clean. You can clean them simply by wiping with a soft cloth and cleaning solution. After cleaning, they look gleaming with no stains or debris on the surface. Also, unlike wood, glass is relatively stable, so it won't experience any wear, warping or deformation. Wipe down your glass table and you're good to go.Modern glass standing desks are a great choice for modern environments. They find a modern look and sleek design that complements your home's interior. Equipping your home office with a glass desk can add a professional look to your home workstation and enhance your focus.

3.Solid wood standing desk

What should you expect when you buy a wooden standing desk? Structurally, these countertops are made from real wood planks, typically 0.75" to 1.75" thick and 4" to 6" wide, then glued their edges together to make a solid wood plank. This means you'll see six or more dividing lines in the grain of a typical solid wood table top. But it will be made of 100% solid wood. This is more cost effective than a true solid board. As a general rule, more expensive tops will be made with a smaller number of wider planks; cheaper tops will be made with more narrower planks. Walk into any fine furniture store, whether it's solid wood or veneer, and you'll see it 99% of the time.

Are Standing Desks Worth It?

Are standing desks overrated? As with most questions, it depends on the context. We know sitting for long periods of time is bad for you. We also know that most people have to work long hours (usually in front of a computer). How do you reconcile these two facts? You stand while you work. At the same time, a white standing desk is not a panacea for all back and neck problems. Alone, it won't help you lose a lot of weight. If you can use a standing desk, it's worth it (some have a very effective "health coach" feature to make sure you do). A standing desk that maintains your sitting height is just a desk that is too expensive and lacks storage space. We've also found that standing desks are an excellent "starter drug" into the world of ergonomics. Once they start standing more, most people are very happy, and many of them go on to explore monitor arms, keyboard trays, and treadmill desks.

How much does a standing desk cost?

Prices for standing desks we reviewed ranged from $159 to $2,000. Solid wood desks or custom table tops can be much more expensive, up to $8,000 for the largest and best solid wood L-shaped desks. So there's quite a bit of scope, but for simplicity, we've divided the desks we reviewed into four tiers:

1.At over $1,100, a standing desk at this price point should be the best desk you can buy. In this price range, you should expect stunning finishes and premium components.
2.Sub-$1,100 standing desks require a larger investment, but are feature-packed, often come with better build quality and warranty, and certainly match the decor of an executive suite.
3.Standing desks under $800 offer a good feature set and specs without costing as much as premium adjustable-height desk products. This level is usually where you'll find the best value for your money.
4.Standing desks under $400 are optimized for cost savings. Affordabe standing desks usually have lower, but not necessarily poor, performance specs, and have the lowest price points and shortest warranties.

Complete your ergonomic workstation

The first step is to buy the best standing desk for your decor, budget and performance requirements. But to make it a truly ergonomic workstation, you need to add the right accessories to keep your body in the right position and have a neat setup. Check out our comprehensive guide to monitoring arms, keyboard trays, anti-fatigue mats, ergonomic seats, cable management kits, power management modules, footrests, and under-desk treadmills for expert advice and lab-tested products for each Option to comment on these categories.


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