Reference Panel Specification

Reference Panel Specification

AES is a professional pv modules manufacturer and halfcut solar panel supplier, here are many types of solar panels, such as 10-550W solar panel module and all black solar panels.

AES PV Technology Co.,Ltd is  a modern solar modules producer. We mainly focus on 3W~365W solar panels and have been developing higher efficient 545W to 700W solar panels with HJT, Top con and Shingled technologies.

We have different specifications and models of solar panels, 10W - 50W Modules60W - 100W Modules and 120W - 200W Modules are our main product series. We also provide customized service.

We still have a lot of products, which cannot be displayed on the website one by one. If you do not find a suitable product on the website, you can contact us by email or fill in the form to inform us of your needs.

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