tourist attraction road sign is a piece of art production need to pay attention to these points

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tourist attraction road sign

tourist attraction road sign is a product of collective planning, architecture, space, sculpture, logic, color, aesthetics and so on. It is not just a simple text, nor a so-called brand, but a unique art work that combines with the environment

Most of the scenic spots, hotels and other tourist attractions are for the final visual effect, will work hard in the decoration, so that the logo manufacturers design into a distinctive pattern. In general, in addition to the male/female Chinese character signs, men in suits, and women in skirts, there are pipes representing men's toilets and high heels representing women's toilets; Some are distinguished by male hats and female hats; There are also lots of English gestures; Some even save the word, directly use the decoration color to distinguish. Pink for the women's room, blue for the men's room; What's more, the symbol of the toilet is peach and banana. I believe many people are silly at first sight!

Is this design good or bad? On the one hand, this is a diversified design era, people's needs are diversified, interesting signs and entertainment can meet modern people's psychological needs for relaxation, humor and happiness; On the other hand, logo manufacturers are often easy to enrich and difficult to unify.

What is more exaggerated is that there are problems in the translation of many bilingual toilet signs, and some English translations are far from the original Chinese meaning. Chinglish signs and simple grammatical errors can not only confuse international tourists, but also damage the local tourism image to a certain extent. Logo manufacturers should pay attention to these problems during the design process.

Sign manufacturers always think that signs should pay attention to artistic concepts, but in fact, it is easy to make mistakes on some occasions, and it is best to be simple, rough and direct. For example, toilet signs, customers go to the toilet, do not appreciate creativity, do not do brain sharp turns, the name is too artistic concept, free time is good, if the more urgent, the busier.

tourist attraction road sign