FIXMAN F1RP6 6-Drawer Roller Cabinet

FIXMAN F1RP6 6-Drawer Roller Cabinet

Beautiful and elegant, ergonomic design, suitable for auto repair shops, garages, maintenance enthusiasts, accessory expansion function, convenient to expand storage space.


ABS one package forming integrated ergonomic handle, comfortable and durable.
Worktop load 450 kg
Design of multi - cell parts storage tank
Plastic Worktop
Metal Worktop
Two worktop of F1 series can be choosed.
Brand LOGO metal brushed aluminum
F1 Drawer tool identi-fication card
Central locking system provides security.
Drawer release mechanism incorporated within the handle, to prevent acidental drawer opening.
Full extension ball bearing drawer slides.
Left side mesh siding, F1 accessories can be extended.
Heavy duty wheels : 4 wheels 125mm di-ameter: 2 fixed and 2 castors (1 with brake)
Anti-shock Protection on all four corners.


A professional 6 Drawer Tool Trolley from FIXMAN is designed to be rugged and durable and a great choice for the organisation and storage of various tools and accessories. The drawers can be fitted with the thermo-shaped foam modules.
There are two worktops for you to choose: plastic and metal, with a load capacity of 450kg. The plastic worktop also features integrated edges that prevent tools from falling while the cabinet is being moved.
This tool storage cabinet is an ideal choice for any workshop or garage as all your essential items are at hand in one easy to access mobile storage unit.

Essential details for the roller cabinet steel mobile cart

Overall sizes: 932x530x966mm
cabinet weight: 80 kgs
Drawers: 3 small / 1 medium / 1 large
small drawer capacity: 25 kgs

Features and benefits of roller cabinet steel mobile cart

ABS one package forming integrated ergonomic handle
2 handles for easier manoeuvrability
Centralised locking system – stops drawers opening during transport
Two types of worktops: plastic and metal
Worktop load 450 kg
4 Wheels – 2 swivelling (one with brake) and 2 fixed
Shock protection on all four corners

Applications of roller cabinet combination industrial cart

Tool Chests Cabinets are a professional storage solution to keep all tools organised. They are designed to store heavy loads and are easily movable thanks to wheels. Tool cabinets and chests are must-have equipment of every professional garage and workshop.

Roller Cabinet Combination Industrial Cart Supplier - FIXMAN

FIXMAN is the leading brand in hand tools field, involving over twenty years in automotive, industrial and construction field, offering a full range of over 2,000 products through its distribution network, which include the storage product range and basic tools.
With over 20 years' experience of manufacturing, modern product equipment, professional R D team, modern testing equipment, mature logistics and service system, FIXMAN is ready to provide the best product and best service to all distributors.

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