Start Readymade Garments store in India

Start Readymade Garments store in India

Here is the answer to this question. How to start a Readymade Garments store in India.

The textile industry is the oldest industry in India and it contributes 2.3% of the GDP of India. India contributes 5% of the global trade and India is the second-largest exporter of apparel and textiles. 

The business of ReadyMade Garments has a good opportunity nationally and internationally market both. Foreign investment and Government investment have increasingly encouraged the growth of the garment business in India. 

There is no lack of Readymade Garments trader in India because India is the hub of Readymade Garments. In India, many Garments Exporters, manufacturers, and suppliers are working in this field. The score of the garments industry is also increasing in India.  

There are some points to starting a garment store in India

Firstly you need to get an overview of the market and know about the pro and cons of the ongoing market. You need to explore the area in which you want to open your store and explore all types of clothing stores. Look at all things like price, how much discount they are giving and other things. 

  • Choose customer type - Choose the target customers for your product means which age of group customers you want like children, adults, men, women, etc. 


  • Find a suitable location - This is an important step for any business. Choose your location where you can start your business and explore all things about the location like rent, the population of the area, and area standards also. 


  • Investment - The Starting investment is a little bit high for any business. It depends on your business large or small. You need funds for infrastructure for rent, license, buying stock, etc. 


  • Take License - Government License is a must in any business. A shop license is required by the law of the local government. 


  • Infrastructure - Your store must be looking attractive. So, you need to set up an attractive infrastructure and place your product properly. The proper arrangement is a must according to the size, color, price, etc.


  • Employees  - Hire employees who can help you to grow your business. You will need staff for your store like a helper, accountant, etc. 


  • Provide special offers - To attract more and more buyers and build up a good customer base starting. This is a very good idea, you provide exciting offers like buy 1 get one free, Flat discount on your product because people get more attracted to this type of offers. 


There is some important point in the initial stage of the business of Readymade Garments. All these points you should know before starting a business. 

Dekentmerchandise - Readymade Garment trader in India

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