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Super Health CBD Gummies are not psychotropic or addicting because of their extremely low THC level. Extensive study has shown that certain drugs work better than others in treating conditions like chronic pain, lowering stress and anxiety, improving mood, and other ailments

Numerous studies have shown that cannabidiol, or CBD, improves sleep quality and enhances cognitive abilities. Valerian root reduces blood pressure, prevents strokes, aids in the cessation of smoking, and encourages sound sleep. The management of opioid addiction, the avoidance of neurological disease, the therapy of epilepsy syndrome, the mitigation of diabetic consequences, and the suppression of symptoms related to a range of neurological disorders have all been identified applications for these substances. Not only may CBD influence the opioid receptors that control pain, but it has also been demonstrated to have an impact on the glycine receptors that control serotonin, or the "feel good hormone."



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