Can spc flooring really replace traditional flooring?

Can spc flooring really replace traditional flooring?

Can spc flooring really replace traditional flooring?


As we all know, the United States has always been the vane of the flooring industry. If there is a new product popular, he will always be the first to eat crabs.




Many years later, after the US market experienced a toxic floor storm, a new decoration material, SPC stone plastic floor, began to become popular again. So, is the stone plastic floor a divine decoration or an IQ tax? Can it replace the traditional floor? Use it for one year and talk about my true feelings.




What is the spc floor? The stone plastic floor is divided into SPC and WPC according to its composition. SPC is made of stone powder by pressing, and good SPC is made of new marble powder.




WPC is resin+wood flour, with a higher thickness. Compared with SPC, the foot feel is slightly better, so the stone plastic floor in the market now mostly refers to SPC.




Stone plastic flooring SPC boasts that it is a new type of material that is formaldehyde free, fully waterproof, flame retardant and easy to install. Many domestic businesses have seen the merchants, so they are full of marketing gimmicks, and the whole network is flooded.




Can stone plastic flooring replace traditional flooring? I have investigated a lot of materials about stone plastic flooring. Almost all of them are business marketing, and it is difficult to see and say their shortcomings. So, is SPC stone plastic floor really as good as businesses say, suitable for home decoration?aqua pro select laminate flooring





① Environmental protection test: Seen from the structure of SPC stone plastic floor, it is made by pressing stone powder. The production process does not contain any glue, so it does not contain any toxic substances.




However, you should know that the term "no glue" refers to the substrate layer. On the basis of the base material layer, some chemical raw materials will also be used when adding colorful film, wear-resistant layer and UV coating process, so we can't guarantee whether the entire production process contains formaldehyde.




The SPC stone plastic floor, especially the mute pad at the bottom of the stone plastic floor, sounds very "tall" when it comes to ixpe and EVA materials.




This material is safe, tasteless and elastic. SPC stone plastic floor can play a role in making the foot feel better by adding it under the stone plastic floor. The color is also black, and it can increase the anti-skid degree if it feels grainy.




I burned it with a lighter. It's a little plastic. It's hard to imagine that the plastic smell does not contain formaldehyde.




② Stability test: For families in northern China, most of them have floor heating, so can this floor be used as floor heating?




After my test, this kind of floor is heat resistant and will deform when there is floor heating, including the balcony or glass room with strong sunlight. Some businesses say that they have special floor heating, which is with reflective film, to accelerate heat transmission. spc flooring manufacturers




At that time, I listened to the introduction and was full of doubts. The floor used this so-called reflective film. Would it block some of the heat transmitted from the floor heating? With a big question mark, I specially found several stone plastic floors for testing.




After the high temperature test, the heat insulation problem has not been concluded, and the plate has been deformed. Businessmen said that the stone plastic floor is fire-resistant and high temperature resistant. Strictly speaking, it should be the base material part.




Its surface layer, after the test of cigarette butts, will still scorch and leave traces. If the cigarette butts are accidentally dropped, they will still leave scars if they cannot be extinguished in time, similar to the laminate floor.




③ Comfort test: The foot feels hard because the stone plastic floor is very thin, about 4-5mm thick, and directly laid on the cement floor, so the foot feels hard and not very comfortable.spc core flooring manufacturer




④ Cost performance test: there are many brands of stone plastic flooring that are not cheap, and there is a slight difference between the prices of different thicknesses. The price of ordinary brands is about 40-50 yuan, which is similar to the price of laminate flooring of the same brand.




But the flatness of the opposite side of the stone plastic floor is required to be high, and cement self leveling is required, which is a lot of cost. Therefore, if it is rough room decoration, the stone plastic floor is not very cheap.




Why do so many people use stone flooring? After reading the above test, many people may have a question in their mind. If so many people have used stone flooring, can they all pay IQ tax.




In fact, although SPC stone plastic flooring cannot be used as mainstream flooring, it is particularly suitable for some special scenes, such as:




① Hardbound houses are transformed into hardbound houses sold by many developers. The floor tiles are generally ugly, and it will cost a lot to knock them off and reinstall them. At this time, using stone plastic floors on the floor tiles will save a lot of money if they are directly paved.




The joints of the stone plastic floor are tight and the texture is clear, which looks very similar to the wood floor.




And the construction is very simple. A girl can complete the installation quickly by herself, without using complicated tools.




② It is also a good choice to apply the stone plastic floor to the rental house.




The advantages of affordable price and simple construction are very suitable for improving the rental housing, and the rental housing can be removed for continued use.


③ The same principle applies to the transformation of old houses. After living in the house for a long time, we are tired of looking at the floor. It is also a good idea to use the stone plastic floor to directly pave on the basis of the original spc flooring manufacturers




At the same time, the texture of the spc click lock flooring is more realistic, whether it is wood grain or imitation stone, so it is welcomed by most people.

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